Chevy S-10

How do you replace the clutch pedal assembly on a 1982 Chevy s-10?

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2007-12-10 00:27:50

disconnevt the steering collum from uder the dash 2 bolts, and a

couple of bolts from around the collum in the firewall, take the

bolt out of the shaft under the hood out you should be able to take

the steering collum out now, unplug the wires from the collum and

it should pull out Noe depending on the model there are 4 bolts

either under the dash or under the hood take those loose 15MM and I

have a 1988 blazer that had one on the right side next to the radio

that was holing on up too I think its a 12 MM tale the clip off of

the brake petal usually a snap ring now it should be able to remove

it be carefull installation is reversal of abbove

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