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Also, check and be sure it's not simply a blown fuse. (23 Sept 2011)

I called Pep Boys, because I am in search for the same thing, and I was told it cannot be changed. However, I am not settling. Therefore my search is still on.

If you take out the gauges, on the back of the gauges should be 4 little twist in lights (red in color on my 1996 corolla DX) The lights were 196 in size. Not sure about models other than the 93 to 97 year (mind you mine dont work anymore due to a short in a wire somewhere)

You remove the guage cluster which also requires you to reach behind the loosened guage cluster and unplug 3 (I think) large connectors of wires along with disconnecting the speedometer. On the back side of the removed guage cluster you will see numerous black (on my 89 and 90) round plastic caps that are removeable by turning the cap 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. REmove the bulb that is burnt out and take it with you to your favorite auto parts store so the worker can match that up for you.

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Q: How do you replace the dashboard light on a Toyota Corolla?
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