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A malfunctioning brake light relay switch will cause your 1993 Toyota Corolla brake lights to stay on all the time. The brake light relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard.

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Q: What makes brakes lights stay on 93 Toyota Corolla?
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Where in the trunk is the controller for the brake lights located in a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

If by 'controller' you mean the switch that makes the brake lights come on, it is not in the trunk. It is located underneath the dashboard, next to the brake pedal.

Where is the fog light button of a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

2001 Toyota Corollas do not come preinstalled with fog lights. You will need to install them yourself. Many of them do come preinstalled with the wires, which makes installation easy.

What makes a 1995 Toyota Corolla vibration on right turn at speed?

vibration on toyota corolla over 50 mph. when taken foot of gas its normal

Having trouble starting your Toyota Corolla?

Having trouble starting my 93 corolla it has battery power lights come on but it just makes a clicking sound and when I keep trying the starter kicks over verry slow what part do I have to change

Who makes the Geo Prism?

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What kind of antifreeze do i use for a 1992 Toyota corolla?

A 1992 Toyota Corolla can take any type of standard antifreeze. It should be labeled as being suitable for all makes and models of cars.

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What years and makes of transmissions or cars are compatible with a 92 Toyota Corolla 5 Speed?

1989 to 1992 for sure.

What makes the ac light quit working and cooling on a 1993 Toyota corolla?

Most commonly, low on freon.

When Toyota stop making Camry station wagon?

In 1997 Camry and Corolla makes did not offer a wagon body style.

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A chain. The only engine Toyota makes anymore with a timing belt is the V8 engines in the Trucks, Tunda and Sequoia and 4Runner