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It's the same as replacing the handle from the directions from this site except skip the step with the window crank and with the power locks make sure it's unlocked and do not mess with the bottom of the locking apparatus, or else you will have to put it back together.

The same instructions go along with the pictures here -

PLEASE GO TO THE ABOVE ARTICLE AS I TOOK A LOT OF TIME TO POST THE PICTURES AND THEY ARE VERY HELPFUL. Thanks. And please rate it 5 stars if you found it useful, which I'm sure you will.

Replace / Fix A Toyota Corolla Door Handle (98-02) First line of business - remove the door panel. The most obvious first screw is right above the interior handle. Pull off the arm rest. Get some leverage under one side and just pull. You can use the flat head screwdriver to push in some of the pins inside to pull it out more easily but just a good little bit of force should do the trick. Unscrew the two newly revealed screws underneath. To remove the window crank (if applicable) push the washer back toward the panel while pulling the crank toward yourself to expose the metal safety clip. Pry out the safety clip with the flat head screwdriver and the crank will come off. (Don't be shy about using as much force as necessary with the clip as it is made of malleable metal you can easily bend back if it's bent out too far) Remove the door panel by prying it off screw by screw. A little force is necessary but not enough to break the plastic Pull the door panel off but leave the interior handle hanging there on the door itself as it does not come off with the panel. Pull the plastic seal off. This may be a bit sticky, and don't remove more of it than you need as you will later need to re-seal this. Unscrew the three screws from the inside of the broken handle with the 10mm socket and wrench. Don't drop the screws inside the door, as there is a chance you may lose them in the pocket of oblivion to the right. If you do, you can get them out with a good magnet or just buy some new ones. (they're about 40 cents at a hardware store) Remove the old handle by pushing it out from the door and undoing it from the metal door handle rod. (for the handle pictured, you will have to squeeze the one side of the bright green piece and push out through the other.) Take off the old handle but leave the gold colored locking mechanism in place like so. Install the new handle in the same manner you took off the old handle. Finagle it in left to right around the bulky top end and the existing lock. Slide the lock through the hole in the handle designated for it. Once that snaps in you're ready to put the panel back together, so work backward from step 7.

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Q: How do you replace the door handle on a 1999 Toyota Corolla le with power windows and locks what tools will you need?
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