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first you remove the interior door panel, nest i would get a flash light to see the bolts inside the door shell for the handle. there will be only one bolt inside the door shell. you can access the bolt through a hole in the inner door panel. use either a 10mm socket and extension to reach the bolt. use a magnetic socket, or apply a small amount of buytl tape to keep the bolt in place in the socket so it does not fall into the door. next take the bolt out in the door jamb, next remove the access vent or panel just below the door latch. next remove the door latch bolts, letting the latch hang free. lift the handle free of the door, and look on bottom or top of the lock cylinder area, there should be a tab, push the tab in until the lock cylinder slides out, next lift the handle and rod out of the latch, you may need to put a little pressure on the rod to get it out, but it will come, try twisting it while you pull to help removal, swap the rod on to the new handle, reverse the process and you are done.

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Q: How do you replace the exterior door handle on a 1988 Chevy Silverado pickup truck?
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