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How do you replace the fan switch on a c4 Corvette?


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Once again, seeing that I don't know a whole lot on the C4 Corvette I would ask this question in the C4 technical section on and get a dead on answer! Good luck!

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Go on over to and in the C4 technical section you can find a diagram on this procedure! Good luck!

The fiberglass panel at the side of the battery has to be removed and the battery is removed sideways.

"Corvette Mike" over at knows just about everything you can imagine about C4 Corvettes! Good luck!

google would be too hard to explain in words dude. something like that

Jump on over to and there are diagrams for every C4 in the C4 section. Just ask "corvetteDon" he has a ton of information on C4's! Good luck!

You have to wire the C4 to a switch.

Corvettes in the model years 1984 through 1996.

where is the 1990 c4 fuse for the hore

My 89 Corvette which is also a C4 recommends 35psi on all 4 tires

there are four bolts then the top will pick straight off

how do you drainfuel tank 1982 corvett

"The most popular Corvette model was 1983-1996 model, also known as the C4. This model of Corvette was the model that lastest the longest and produced more than any other Corvette model."

The Corvette C4 was a Chevrolet sports car, manufactured between 1984 and 1996. As they are now somewhat classic, they are commanding higher prices. The most common place to find C4s for sale is in local classified advertisements.

With this one I would take off the front wheels and go through that way. Although, the more I think about it, with the C4 I think you can get to them from the engine bay. I am thinking of how I have done it for my C6! Jump over to and post this question in the C4 section, preferably the technical section and you will surely get the exact answer you need!

Take a jump over to and click on the C4 technical section and you will see the thread with detailed instructions on this. Good luck!

Check with the C4 members at, they have a ton of information and will be able to get you the answers you need! Good luck!

One would be able to find a Corvette C4 on sale from either online retailers (one would probably have to complete the sale over the phone or through email contact) or from local retailers in person.

No the early C4 lights are round and the 92 has the ZR1 oval lense.

There is a member in the C4 section on that can give you all the steps that you will need to get that job done in the shortest amount of time. Good luck!

No. There are three different tops for the C4 Corvettes, 84 to early 86, late 86 to 88, and 89 to 96.

Yes.Any c5 wheel will fit any c4 after 1987 without any adapters needed.

I don't think that the offset will work. As a matter of fact I believe that there was a thread discussing different fitment issues for the Corvette in the C4 section at Good luck!

Odds are you have an optispark unitl. If so it is under the water pump on the front of the engine. Look up optispark replacement on LT1 or C4 Corvette.

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