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i think u unbolt the trans and the fly wheel reconect the trans

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How do you change flywheel on 97 Tahoe 4x4?

Remove the transmission unbolt the flywheel and replace.

How do you replace the flywheel on 1987 ford ranger 4x4?

Replacing the flywheel on a 1987 Ford Ranger 4x4 can be pretty complicated. The best best would most likely be to bring the vehicle to an accredited mechanic and enlist the help of a professional.

Will the transmission from a 1988 4x4 suburban fit into a 1978 gmc 4x4?

if the bolts line up but u'll have to replace flywheel or the torque converter, check spacing of bolts

2001 jeep grand Cherokee 4x4 oil seals location on front axle?

They are on the inside, next to the differental bearings. The entire axle has to be dissassembled to replace them.

How big is a new flywheel on a 1988 Bronco 2 29L engine 5 speed transmission 4x4?

The automatic flywheel is : Teeth = 138, Outside Diameter = 11.69"

Will a 1989 4x4 Jeep Cherokee transmission fit on a 1994 4x4 Jeep Cherokee?

I don't think it will...=( I have a 1989 Cherokee limited and it is 2x4 with 4x4. if you don't have 4x4 on ur 96 then i really don't think it will work, but if it is like the 89 with 2x4 with 4x4 then it might just work.Answeri am about to take a 89 Cherokee 4x4 tranny and put it into a 96 2x4 Cherokee. i belive they will bolt up, but i am still not sure. it will be a couple of weeks till i get to that stage, but i will let you know how it all went. AnswerI am not sure it will, is the 89 a four wheel all time? i know the 94 is four whell drive all the time, might wanna ask a jeep dealer... good luck

Where is the 4x4 switch in a 95 jeep grand Cherokee?

there is a 4x4 switch on the transfer case. i found it when my vehicle control center said to "service 4x4 switch"

How do you change the flywheel on a 85 gmc jimmy 4x4?

start by slapping your head and then going outside to play.

Can you tow a 1999 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 4 wheels down?

could you please just answer my question can I tow a jeepsport Cherokee 4x4 wheels down Trans in park, transfer case in neutral then yes.

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a Nissan frontier 4X4 1999?

How do you replace the front wheel bearings on a nissan frontier 4x4 1999

How do you engage the 4X4 on 98 jeep Cherokee?

You pull handle back into 4wd.

Will a 1999 4x4 4ol Jeep Cherokee engine fit in a 2000?


Where is a shift solenoid B located on an automatic transmission It's for a 98 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Sport.?

The shift solenoid B is located on the engine section on the automatic transmission for the 98 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 Sport.

Why is my 1995 Chevy blazer 4x4 not working all the time?

You may need to replace the 4x4 engager switch or replace the fuse in your fuse box.

What is the towing capacity of a 1996 Jeep Cherokee sport?

I have a 95 Cherokee Country and the book says for a Cherokee the cap. is : with a class 3 hitch ....the max Gross trailer weight is 5,000 lbs. The max tongue weight is 750 lbs.. This is both a 4x2 and 4x4 version, with APPROVED towing equiptment.

How do you disconnect the torque converter from the flywheel on a 98 gmc jimmy 4x4?

threw the stater hole with of coarse the starter removed.

Where is the fuel pump located on a 95 Cherokee 4.0 L 4x4?

In the fuel tank

What is the wheel lug pattern for a 2000 jeep Cherokee sport 4x4?

5 on 4.5

How heavy is a 1999 Jeep Cherokee?

around 3669 lb, add more with 4x4

What is the towing capacity of a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland 4x4?

6500 lbs

Is it possible to convert a rwd Jeep Grand Cherokee into 4x4?

With enough money, yes.

Where is the fuel filter located on 1990 jeep Cherokee 4x4 6 cylinder?

If the same as the 95 Country, look at the undercarriage near the rear tire on the side where you fill your gas tank.

How do you replace the rotors on a 91 f150 4x4?

Who cares

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 1999 Jimmy?

If it is 4x4, you have to replace the whole hub

Towing capacity 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.7v8?

4x4 jeep grand Cherokee with the 4.7l V-8 you can tow 6100lbs