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PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY, AND FULLY BEFORE BEGINNING. If it is the same as my 200sx was(96) then I can give you a partial answer--First you should examine all the bolts visually, and remember the order that you disassemble your suspension pieces. Also, before you start, be prepared to line up your bolts in butter tubs, or place them back into the threads that you withdrew them from, this prevents and confusion upon reassembly. I highly recommend a product called PB Blaster. It will loosen the bolts that retain your steering and suspension very well. Now, make sure you have your vehicle securely mounted on jackstands, as high as you safely can. (First of course you have to remove the wheel) Now, take off your brakes by unbolting your caliper from your rotor. You have by this time purchased a caliper spreading tool from your local hardware store, so that you can put it back on your rotor. You should find some way of suspending your caliper in the air so that you don't have to disconnect your hydrolic breake lines. (a brick turned on end is nice) Now you should be able to slide your rotor off of the hub. Place it in a safe spot. now you can see your A-arm. Depending, like I said, on whether it is the same as my 200sx, you should see your tie rods. It is one assembly, the outer half is your outer tie rod; Inner half, the inner rod. These will be bolted to your cv joint or the hub. To take them off, you need to


take careful note of this

This will enable you to get the wheel alignment back on target as much as possible without a lot of alignment equipment. If it helps, use a piece of chalk or a red lumber pencil to mark them where they lineup properly. Now that you have your tie-rods off, you need to disconnect your strut. This is not terribly difficult, but I recommend reading your haynes or chilton manual on this. unbolt your a-arm from the cv and the strut-keep your hydrolic floor jack handy-for obvious reasons your strut may have to be recompressed to put on yourcontrol arm. On my car, this wasn't nessecary, it's a just in case measure. now disconnect the bolt(s) that are through a bushing holding your control arm on the the weight of the cv pulls down your drive axel, place your cv on an upturned brickor something to support it. Now you should be able to bolt on your new one.


reassmble your suspension and steering. to replace your caliper, you use your caliper spreader or small C-Clamp to depress the circular compressor (thing that looks sort of like a slinky) back into the caliper, and quickly slide it back on the rotor before it expands again. bolt it back on.

hope this helps, there will be small quirks that are different than my car was, best of luckJody

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Q: How do you replace the front control arm of a Nissan 240sx 1990?
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This is very easy. The front seats all held in place by 4 bolt that go to the floor. Get a rachet with a 14 or 15mm head, not sure. position the seat all the way to the back, and you will see the front two bolts to remove. Once removed, slide the seat all the way to the front, and start removing the rear bolts. easy as that good luck

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