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Caution: Observe all applicable precautions wehn working around fuel. Whenever servicing the fuel system, always work in a well ventilated area. Do not allow fuel spary or vapor to come in in contact with a spark or open flame. Always keep fukel in a container specially designed for fuel storage; also , always proeperly seal fuel container to avoid the possibility of fire or explosion.

On 1993, I assumed it is a 4 cylinder. The fuel filter can be found in the engine compartment. Underneath the brake booster. First, disconnect the battery cable, place a drain pan or plastic container under the fuel filter. 2) Slowly loosen the lower flare nut fitting until all the pressure is relived and all the fuiel is collected. 3) Loosen the union bolt on the upper portion of the filter and remove the banjo fitting and tow metal gaskets. Discard the gaskets. 4) Pull the filter from the mouting bracket. To install: 5) Place a new filter into position 6) Install the banjo fitting with a new metal gasket on each side and isntall the union bolt. Tighten the union bolt to 22 ft. lbs. 7) Attach the flare nut to the lower connect and hand tighten. Tighten the flare nut to 22 ft. lbs. 8) Remove the dream pan and/ or rags and connect the negative battery cable. 9) Start the engine and visually inspect the upper and lower connections for leaks. Run the tip of your finger around both connections to ensure the connections are leak-free. If any leaks are found they must be repaired immediately.

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Q: How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1993 Toyota Camry?
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