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How do you replace the fuel filter on a 1991 Cadillac Seville?


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2010-02-04 16:40:54
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there is a 5/8 nut on the front of filter and a plastic clip on the back Hold the big nut on filter body with vice grips or pliers and unscrew the 5/8 outside nut then you can pull it down and compress the ears on plastic clips to slide the back off. the filter is in front of driver side rear wheel just underneath car body

The fuel filter on my 1991 Seville (4.9L) is fasten to the inner frame just behind the driver side front wheel, the front of the filter can be viewed from under the hood below the steering link universal joint boot, (follow the fuel lines back from the fuel rails on the back side of the engine).

The fuel filter must be removed and reinstalled from the underside of the car using all Automotive Mechanics safety standards. The fuel filter contains plastic locking tabs at both ends. I found it to be useful to follow the steps below.

1. Under the hood discharge fuel system pressure at the fuel rail Schrader valve.

2. Release locking tab and remove fuel line at rear of filter, care should be taken not to damage the fuel line end.

3. Remove filter from its mount by sliding the filter forward up through the mount.

4. Release locking tab and remove fuel line at front of filter, care should be taken not to damage the fuel line ends.

Install the new filter with the arrow on the filter pointing upward toward the engine (front of car) reversing the instruction above.


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