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The fuel filter is on the inside part of the driver side frame rail. It's located just ahead of the gas tank. You'll need a special tool (available at parts stores) to release the filter from the fuel line fittings. Sometimes it's easy to take off the filter and sometimes it difficult. I've been there.

suggest cleaning inside of fitting with brake clean before removal if it has not been done in a while. the dirt and trash will not let the spring move some times.

If the spring won't move and the filter can't be released. I will go to a parts store with a 'HELP" rack selection and buy a Ford fuel line spring package [three 10mm and three 14mm metal springs, I think] I will cut the rear tube off of the filter with pliers. Then I will slide the filter towards the back and and cut the front tube off the filter [cut as close to the filter body as possible].

Even though you remove the fuel relay and run the vehicle out of gas, wear goggles and have a bucket to catch the spraying gas with. Then, simply use a small screwdriver to dig the springs out [I start with a small and finish with a larger screwdriver]. {Ideally a dental instrument would really make it a quick process}. Put new 10mm springs back in the lines, snap in the new filter, and you're golden.

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