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The fuel gauge float is located in the top of the fuel tank. In order to change it you will have to drain and lower the fuel tank. This should be done away from any source of heat or flame due to gasoline vapors. 1. Remove ans much fuel as possible from the tank before starting the procedure. 2. Lift and block the vehicle at a safe working height. You will need about 12 inches of clearance from the frame to the ground in order to remove the tank. 3. Support the tank and remove the fuel line fittings and electrical connections, marking them for later re-attachment. 4. Loosen the strap retaining bolts and lower the tank from the frame. 5. Remove the screws holding the fuel gauge sending unit in the tank and remove the unit. 6. Install the new part and reverse the procedure for replacing the tank. Take special care to replace fuel lines and elecrical connections in their propoer places.

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Q: How do you replace the gas float on a 1988 ford F-150?
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