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2009-10-27 12:27:46
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Q: Will a Ford f150 1988 door fit a 1990 ford bronco?
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How do you read diagnostic code from 1988 Ford Explorer?

There is no 1988 Ford Explorer. The vehicle went into production in 1990 for the 1991 model year, replacing the two door Bronco II;. As for the Bronco II, there isn't an OBD port.

Will a 1990 ranger door fit a 1988 ranger?

doors from 1986 to 1992 are the same for ranger bronco. yes will fit

How do you open rear door if window wont come down on 1990 ford bronco Eddie baurer?

A person a can open the rear door from the inside. Get into the car from another door that will open and open it from the there.

Will a doors from a 1987 bronco fit a 1980 ford bronco?

yes ,but the interior door panels are different

What type of transmission is in a 1991 Ford Bronco?

look on sticker on door tells u what type

Where are the VIN located on 1989 ford bronco?

it should be on the dash in the drivers front corner and also on the door sticker on the drvers door

How do you remove the door and electric on a 1990 ford bronco Eddie Bauer?

there are six bolts o the door you have to take off, before that you have to take the door skin off of the door ( all you have to do is pry it off for the most part, only one screw near the handle), unplug all of the wires then pull the door off

Where can you find interior door panels for 92 ford bronco?

national parts depot or lmc truck

What can cause the power locks not to work on a 1990 bronco?

I replaced the drivers door switch on mine and it took care of the problem

Where is the power doors locks relay in a ford 1993 bronco?

The 1993 Ford Bronco power door lock relay switch can be found behind the dashboard on the drivers side of the passenger compartment. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

How do you install a 1990 ford Bronco Passenger window motor?

First you will need to remove the door panel, after this is done you should see at least 3 little marks in the door metal, which were made by a punch. Drill a hole where these indentations are and use the appropriate tool to remove the motor.

Where is the door pillers for a 1990 Ford Escort?

Between the front and rear doors.

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