Chevy Caprice Classic

How do you replace the headliner in a 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic?

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2006-10-02 18:02:17

i can give the general removal and installation of a headliner.

It will differ on whether or not you have a sun roof on the

vehicle. The basic idea, is to remove all of the plastic moulding

around the head liner. then the visors, the interior light. It is a

good idea to keep each part you take off in a plastic bag, and

label them. If you have a digital camera take pictures before and

durning, for reference on reassembly. Once all of the attachment

points are released remove the headliner. It may take some careful

steps to get it out. Once out. Remove the material, from the liner.

Remove all of the old glue off of the liner and material. You need

to check the new materal if it is going to be replaced. the liner

cleaned and ready for new material, lay the material out to get an

idea of how it will fit properly. Remember to leave material on

both sides and front and back to the edges and inside over hang.

about and inch will do. to attach get the spray adhevisive fold

half of the material back on itself. Remember the adhesive is a

contact type.spray both the liner and material, allow the

recommended time for it to set up. While it is setting up get and

place several rods across the uncovered part, dowel rods work

great, what ever you want is okay. The adhesive will only stick to

itself. don't allow the two sprayed surfaces to touch. place the

sprayed material over the rods. When you are satisfied with the

position. start removing the rods begin in the middle and work

towards the edges. do each rod individually. one at a time. problem

is that if you are not careful, you get wrinkles. once one side is

complete repeat on the other. secure the edges, replace in the

vehicle. make holes where needed and reassemble. ON

automotive there is a step-by-step instruction with pictures. it

would be a good idea to check it out. hope it helps. duboff

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