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How do you replace the hot-cold mixer valve on 95 Mercury Marquis with automatic temp control?


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2008-06-29 05:51:21
2008-06-29 05:51:21

Remove the dash, its in the top center. Pack a lunch.


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YUP Just make sure there is an air gap in the washing machine

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First off - be on the outside of the shower and screw with it clockwise and anticlockwise and see what happens. Works every time.

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Sounds like a vacuum hose could be broken and the vent louvers are not being actuated.

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The end or the center wire of the cable has a bend in it that fits in a hole on the temp adjustment arm. The outside sheath is held down by either a clamp or screw. If you cant reach the are from underneath the dash remove the glove box for better access. If that fails then the temp assembly will have to be removed from the dash for access.

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check your antifreeze leavel in the plastic bottle in the engin compartment it may be low. or it may be your thermostat on the water pump.

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