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check your antifreeze leavel in the plastic bottle in the engin compartment it may be low. or it may be your thermostat on the water pump.

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How can liquid be turned into a solid?

By freezing it.

What controls the rate that food is turned into energy?

The thyroid gland controls the rate that food is turned into energy. The thyroid gland releases thyroxin and if too much is release a person will lose weight.

What gland controls the rate at which food is turned into energy?

thyroid gland

Change of a liquid to a soild?

The process in which a liquid is turned to a solid is called "freezing".

Can a gas be turned into a solid?

Yes at a particular temperature called freezing temperature.

What is the present perfect tense of turn?

Have/has turned.I have turnedWe have turnedYou have turnedHe/she has turnedThey have turned

How did people work TV's before there were remote controls?

They turned them by the knobs on the t.v.

What is it called when a liquid has turned into a solid?

The process by which a liquid becomes a solid is called "freezing".

What can be done for a banana tree that was exposed to freezing temps for a few days and has turned brown?

The real question is "Why was it exposed to freezing temperatures?"

How do you turn off parental controls in windows XP?

these controls are put there for a reason, if you want them turned off, ask your parents to remove them.

What battle turned the tides of World War 2 in pacific?

Battle of midway turned the tides, because the Japanese lost their Carriers, and without those, The USA had naval supremacy, and in an island hopping war, whoever controls the water, controls the war.

Why do you need the freezer turned on to make Ice?

Ice will only form from water once water is cooled to below 0 degrees Centigrade. A freezer requires energy (ie it needs to be turned on) in order to pump heat out of the freezing compartment to lower the temperature in this compartment to below 0 degrees Centigrade. If the freezer is not turned on the temperature in the freezing compartment will be that of the room in which the freezer is kept.

Is turned a word?

Yes it is. "He turned a corner." "He turned the situation to his benefit." "She turned the card over."

How do you access the ammo boxes with Teddy bears on them in Black Ops?

they belong to Samantha who got killed by her dog fluffy as it got turned into a hellhound,she turned into a zombie and controls the mystery box.

What controls the way in which a zygote differentiates?

Selective genes are turned on and off, depending on the fate of the cell.

How do you say I turned in Spanish?

I turned = Giré

Is turned an adverb?

No, turned is not an adverb.The word turned is a verb and sometimes a noun.

How does the air inside the goes out when air conditioner is turned on?

The evaporator coil is probably freezing up which will restrict airflow.

What is past form of turn?

Turned. As in, 'I turned the corner', or 'I turned round to face him' etc.

The factor that controls traits are called?

The factor that controls the traits of an organism is called DNA. Within the DNA there are codes for different genes that are either turned on or off.

Can the daytime running lights be turned off on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

Daytime running lights can be turned off by removing the fuse that controls them. The fuse is in the passenger compartment fuse box. The fuse number is D5.

What is snow and how is it produced?

Snow is frozen water vapor. It is produced when water vapor in the air is turned solid by the freezing temperature.

Who turned parsons in 1984?

His daughter turned him in.

What does the Latin word versus mean in English?

Turned, turned around, inverted, turned against.

What did Athena do to be turned into a spider?

Athena was not turned into a spider. She turned Archene into a spider for showing her up.