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How do you replace the ignition lock switch cylinder in a 1994 Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme?



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First you need to disable the airbag, to do that turn steering wheel to the straight ahead position, place the ignition switch in lock and remove key. Remove the airbag fuse from the fuse block, note some models designate the airbag fuse as ARB#1 others are designated AIRBAG#1 or SIR. Unplug the yellow ( CPA ) Connector Position Assurance connectors at the base of the steering column and under the right sideof the instrument panel. 2nd remove the airbag module retaining screws from the backside of the steering wheel and remove the airbag module and unplug the four connections from the airbag module. 3rd use a steering wheel puller to separate the steering wheel from the shaft. " DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE WITH A HAMMER UNLESS YOU CAN DRIVE THE VEHICLE WITH A PAIR OF VISE-GRIPS ATTACHED TO STEERING SHAFT". 4th remove the airbag coil assembly retaining snap ring and remove the coil assembly. Let the coil hang by the wiring harness. Remove the wave washer. 5th Using a lock plate removal tool, depress the lock plate for access to the retaining ring.Use a small screwdriver to pry the retaining ring out of the groove in the steering column and remove the lock plate. 6 then remove the cancel cam assembly. 7 Remove the hazard flasher knob. 8 Remove the column housing cover screw ( which is longer and blue in color). Unplug the electrical connector behind the turn signal lever, grasp the lever and pull it straight out of the housing. Detach the wire protector from under the steering column, separate the wiper pulse switch wires, then unplug the connector. Remove the pulse switch pivot pin, then pull the switch wires up through the column and remove switch and wires. Place the lock cylinder in the run position. Remove the turn signal switch housing screws. Remove the turn signal switch housing and steering shaft assembly as a complete unit. Using a screw driver, lift the switch tab then pull gently on the buzzer switch wires and remove the buzzer the lock cylinder in the accessory position. Remove the lock cylinder retaining screw. remove the lock cylinder. Installation is in reverse of removal. ( NOTE ) If you have tilt steering column take it to dealer or other repair shop because a pivot pin removal tool is needed to remove pivot pins on tilt steering making it impossible for the home mechanic to do unless you own the tool or have access to one. You try different techniques but why go through the trouble and take a chance on messing components up and possibly having to end up paying a mechanic to fix it in the end and shelling out more money you have worked hard for.