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Its up underneath the dash. There are four bolts and three wires, black, red and orange and you are done.

the first answer is from someone who has very obviosly never even seen a nova ignition switch. if you have the key, simply put the key in the ignition and leave it in the off position. take a paper clip and insert it into the small hole next to the key, this will allow you to push the switch in further and twist the key counterclockwise allowing the whole unit to slide out.

if you don't have the key, good luck. its a nightmare.

Actually, I think you need to insert the paper clip while the key is in the "accessory" position, then push in and turn counterclockwise. The cylinder can be removed at this point, and you can then remove the bezel nut that holds the ignition switch in place.

both of these answers are telling you how to remove the lock cylinder. the ignition box or switch "both names are commonly used," is on the top of the steering column under the dash. there are two bolts and a wiring harness attached to ignition box. simply remove the two bolts and unplug the wires, remove and reinstall. the hardest part is adjusting the box so the actuator bar is pushing switch into proper position. if you are talking about the lock cylinder go with one of the obove answers. Wow. When the key is on the column, is when they went to the rod type system. On that Nova, it is on the dash, attached to the lock, and tumbler. One piece. the third answer, is the most accurate.

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Q: How do you replace the ignition switch on a 1967 Chevy Nova?
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