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First jack up the front of the car, at the front crossmember. You'll need a pair of pliers to remove the cotterpins on the outer tie rod ends, and to get the wire rap off the inner tie rods (where it meets the Power Steering rack). A 30mm, 21mm, 19mm, and what ever takes the nut off the old tie rod end (where it meets the front spindle). Your best bet is to take your front wheels off, use either a "fork" wedge to pop off the old tie rods of the front spindles or the 22mm wrench and some leverage. Next pull back the rubber boot and use the 30mm combo wrench to remove the tie rods from the power steering rack, its not as hard as it seems. By the way you don't need to separate the tie rod end from the tie rod inner to remove them. After you get them off slip new boots on the tie rod inner, screw the outer onto the inner and do the reverse of the install. The first one might take you 35 min. But the second one shouldn't take more then 10 min. I installed the larger TEIN tie rods and I love it! Good Luck.

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Q: How do you replace the inner and outer tie rods on both sides of a 1991 Nissan 240SX?
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