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You have to slide a flat blade (i used a dull utility razor with a dull rounded point) up into the light lens which is the farthest from the door i.e the end closest to you while staring up at it. while you slide the blade up it releases a Tab, now use a small flat screw driver to pry the light lens/housing down out of the mirror. You can now remove the bulb by twisting it out of the housing. Book says to replace the bulb w/ a # 168 wedge bulb. The OEM(original) bulb is much larger and much brighter than the 168 bulb i bought. I went back to the parts store and bought a #912 wedge bulb. It matches the size and brightness of the Original perfect! Ford Explores and Mercury Mountaineers share the same "puddle light" mirrors and this process works on both.

This may work on some models..I have a late model 02 and the plastic on the housing that covers the bulb is glued on. I started to pry on the cover and it started to break. I had to take the mirror off the truck by removing the interior door pannel....4 bolts..2 on bottom of the pannel and 1 behind the door handle cover and 1 behind the power window switch/lock....then lift panel strait up and make sure all the plugs are disconnected...including the power mirror switch plug. Remove the 3 nuts that hold on the mirror and disconnect the wire harness. After you remove the mirror, behind the foam padding where the mirror contacts the body of the truck you will see the pigtail that holds the bulb...turn it counter clockwise and bull it out and pull out the bulb (this is tight but it will come out..i used a pair of slip-joint pliers). Replace the bulb and re-install.

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Q: How do you replace the light bulb in the mirror puddle light in a 2002 or newer Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer?
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