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Basically you have to strip down the motherboard in the tower by removing the modem, video card, etc. You will need to swap the processor and the heat sink and anything else the new mother board does not come with. you will need to disconect all of the wires that are attached to the motherboard and then remove the screws, which will probably be upwards of 15. Once removed everything goes back together just as it was removed.

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How do you replace the on board computer on a club car golf cart?

replace on board computer

Is the main circuit board in a computer the microprocessor?

No... The main circuit board in a computer is referred to as the mother-board. The microprocessor is one chip on the mother-board, and is often referred to as the 'brains' of the computer.

Why was the computer proud?

Coz they have mother "mother board"

What is the printed circuit board that is the foundation of a computer?

The board is called the 'Mother Board'

What are the main part inside a computer?

The main parts that are inside of a normal computer contain the mother board. The mother board makes up most of the computer. Also the small internal fans and cooling systems are inside of the computer. But mostly just the mother board.

The main circuit board of the computer system is what?

Its called the Mother Board.

Is the mother board in the hard drive of a computer?


What does 'y is a function of x' mean?

y and x are a example,like so: The mother board is the function of a computer the mother board is the Y and A computer is the x you replace y and x with something else its like filling the blanks what does _____ have to do with _____= what does Y have to do with X= what does time have to do with space

Who invented computer mother board?

Rodney Culver

Why mother board is a main part of computer?


What Components that specifically interface with the motherboard?

All components inside the computer are atached directy to the mother board. The attachment you conect to the computer are not attached directy to the mother board.

How do you get your computer out of power save mode?

When a computer is stuck in power save mode you will usually have to open the computer and remove and replace the battery from the mother board. Once the battery is removed you should be able to re-start the computer normally.

What are mother board?

A motherboard is the main Printed Circuit Board inside a computer, it holds most of the important parts of the computer.

What is a big circuit board that has smaller circuit boards plugged into it?

the answer is the mother board of the computer

What is a computer mother board?

a mother board is the main circut board of the computer. it allows you to attach most of the computer parrts like: the CPU, the memory, the hard disk, CD-DVD-bluray, floppy diskdrive, input & output-devices, etc..........

Where the microprocessor is found in a computer?

I would look for it on the mother board.

How A Computer Memory Is Being Addressed?

through its mother board

How do you fix a computer monitor burnout?

By replacing it with a ASUS mother board!

The most important piece of software on a personal computer?

mother board

What is the name for the main circuit board inside the computer?

a mother chip

How many ports are on the back of a computer?

This will depend on the mother board in the PC.

What does the on board battery do on a mother board?

the board battery on a mother board keeps power to the processor for when the computer is off that way you don't lose information that can be losed while the computer. like for exp. when you are working on lets say a word doc and you lose power to your house and the computer turns off, when you are able to turn the computer back on and you reopen word you have your doc or information saved. that is what the curit board battery does on a motherboard.

What is the use of mother board in computer?

The motherboard does everything in a computer. The processing center and the storage system is built on the motherboard in a computer.

What is the difference between a hard drive and a mother board?

Hard drive is where all of your data is saved, it's a hardware component of your computer. The mother board is where all of these components are connected to your computer and allows them to work together.

Would a computer boot if the mother board had blown?

Buddy ,, how can its possible if board blown. you must gone mad

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