How do you replace the motor mount on a 99 Honda accord ex V6?

i just finished changing my brothers 99 accord lx v6 engine mounts. I'm pretty sure they're the same with the ex model. i used a 14 mm universal socket, 17 mm socket, 14 mm flex ratcheting wrench, a 12 mm ratcheting wrench, and a long 3/8 extension. i suggest doing it by hand, no power tools. changing the mount on the timing belt side is easy. the tricky part are the radiator side mount and the firewall side mounts. for the radiator side, loosen the 17 mm nut on top of the mount, then remove all 4 bolts securing the mount to the frame(14 mm socket). place a jack and a wood block underneath the transaxle( put it closer to the mount so alignment will be easier later on). slightly raise the transaxle. remove the 3 bracket bolts(14 mm) . remove the vacuum line. remove the old mount. position the new mount and loosely secure it with 3 bolts.install the bracket. loosely secure the top nut. align the bracket to the engine and secure the bracket. tighten the 3 bolts. then tighten the 4 mounting bolts. connect the vacuum line. lower the jack, then tighten the top nut. avoid overtightening the bracket bolts cause aluminum is soft. the mount on the firewall side takes a little more effort due to space. you need to remove the exhaust shield on this would be best if somebody will help you during alignment. i did it by myself and it's hard 'cause i have to work underneath and go back to the top. place the jack closer to this mount so you can slightly turn the engine. it's the same procedure as the front one. align the holes perfectly so you won't strip the treads.