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Pull the plastic off the column - there are 2 or 3 screws in the bottom of the plastic cover to get it off. You will then have to take the 2 harnesses off the switch and then remove the (4) torx screws that hold it on. Good luck.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-04 19:20:09
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Q: How do you replace the multifunction wiper switch on a 1996 Ford Windstar?
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Where is the multifunction switch located on a 1996 town and country?

The turn signal/dimmer/wiper switch is the multifunction switch.

What Does a Multifunction switch do?

A multifunction switch has more than one function. It is used for turning on the wiper blades and the lights of an automobile.

How do you replace a wiper switch in a 1999 Saturn?

I should ask first why the wiper switch? The switch is part of the Multifunction switch and the steering wheel has to come off to change it>this means airbag work (Module and Sir coil) NOT FOR THE INEXPERIENCED!!

How do I replace the windshield wiper switch?

How do I replace the windshield wiper switch?

What is the multifunction switch?

it's the turn signal,wiper,washer,cruise,and emergency switch all in one.

How do you replace wiper switch l200 series?

2001saturn l200 how to replace a windshield wiper switch

Where is the multifunction switch on a 2000 Plymouth neon?

Steering column, it is another name for the turn signal/wiper switch.

How to Replace a Toyota Camry windshield wiper switch?

? wiper switch toyota camry 1999 replace

My 98 Windstar interval wipers only run on continuous and do not go to park when switched off. Replaced the multifunction switch but no cure. Is it the GEM or park switch in the motor?

I'll answer my own question FYI. I replaced the wiper motor and the problem is fixed.

How do you remove and replace wiper switch on 2002 Chevy Cavalier?

How do you remove and replace wiper switch on 2002 Chevy Cavalier

What size is the torx screw on 2001 dodge ram 2500 intermitent wiper switch?

The multifunction switch mount screw should be a T20 torx.

Where is the multifunction switch located?

Multifunction switches are located in the steering column. It's the turn signal, cruise control, headlights, wiper, etc lever. In different vehicles they have different functions.

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