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Have fun with this oneMost of the sunfire clusters (odometer, RPM, Speed) are sealed and the odometer is digital like an alarm clock and can not be changed without replacement of the entire cluster (odometer, RPM, Speed) good luck... this will require the removal of the dashboard in most cases.

Andrew, a CANADIAN apprentice

I'm not sure about newer Sunfires - but the information above is incorrect regarding older models. I replaced the bulbs on my instrument cluster without opening or compromising it on my 99 Sunfire.

You have to remove the dashboard, then remove the instrument cluster. On the back of the cluster, you'll find that you can unscrew the bulbs from the back and replace them.

--- CanadianCynosure

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Q: How do you replace the odometer bulb on a Pontiac Sunfire No fuses are fried so you assume that that is it?
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Is there a rad hose in the back of the engine on a 98 Pontiac sunfire?

I assume you are referring to between the engine and the firewall. There are 2 heater hoses in that location.

Where is the fuel reset button on a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire 4-cylinder standard shift 5 speed?

There is no fuel reset button on this car. Describe the problem your having. I assume it cranks, but doesn't start? BClear.

How do you change a license plate light on a 1998 Sunfire?

You have to remove the tail light lens cover from inside the trunk- there are about 6 nuts holding it on --the whole cover comes off and bingo there are your lites for the Pontiac emblem that lights up!! There are no lights persay just for the Licence plates on my 96 Sunfire and I assume the same on a 98

What happened to the Pontiac game changing performance?

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How do you fix a fuel injector leak on a 97 Pontiac sunfire?

I've changed injectors on my '96, with help from my mechanic. I would assume that the procedure is similar for your car. It's a pretty direct job, but my best suggestion is to pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual. They are very good at showing and telling about injectors.

How does the seat in a 2005 Pontiac Sunfire fold down?

I assume you are referring to the rear seat. Open the trunk, look up toward the upper front of the trunk and you will see two black straps hanging down from below the rear window. Pull on them and it will releast the seat to fold down. There is a separate release for each side of the seat.

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How long does it take to replace the water pump on a 2001 Pontiac sunfire?

1st time I did it it took me awhile. Probable about 5 hours. Most my time was spent accessing the water pump and cleaning off the old gasket. I assume someone with more experience and proper tooling could do it in a couple of hours. I had to remove the alternator and that mounting bracket that it sat on. Removed the mounting bracket because I had limited access to the gasket that was left on the engine from the water pump. I also didn't have the proper Serpitine Belt tensioner I had to run out and purchase one of those.

Where is the throttle position sensor located on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

since the throttle is electronic i would assume its on your gas pedal

How to get 2003 Pontiac Montana drivers window to go up?

If you are having trouble with your window going back up to the up position, I assume that it has no trouble going down. The problem may be the motor in the door being to weak to push the window back up. You can replace this for about 55.00 good luck

How do you change fuel injectors on a 1995 Pontiac sunfire 2.3?

I've changed injectors on my '96, with help from my mechanic.I don't, however, have the 2.3 engine. I would assume that the procedure is similar. I've posted the entire procedure somewhere here, so you might want to look around a bit. My best suggestion is to pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual. They are very good at showing and telling about injectors. FriPilot

What type of Toyota engine is there in a 2007 Pontiac Vibe?

The engine in the Pontiac Vibe is a l.8 litre engine . It is the same engine you will find in the Toyota Corolla. Since the Vibe is very similar to the Toyota Matrix, I assume that the engines are similar as well.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 1998 Pontiac sunfire THAT HAS NO DIPSTICK?

GM never put a dipstick in the 1998 Pontiac Sunfire. They call it a sealed transmission. If you aren't noticing any leaking from the transmission under the car (pools of red fluid when you've been parked) then your fluid is probably not low. But in my opinion it is always good to change the transmission filter ever 10,000 miles or so. Your transmission pan does not have a drain plug so you will need to remove the pan, drop one corner slowly to help drain the fluid into a bucket, finish removal of the transmission pan, clean all the crud out of there such as dirt/metal flakes, replace the filter, replace the gasket (make sure you get all of the old gasket material off the pan before putting the new one on), then refill the transmission fluid back to the level stated in your owner manual. I believe its 7 quarts but always check your owners manual! I have to differ on the fact that some of the 1998 Sunfire 4 door sedans did have a traditional style tube and stick! These were in the 2200 or 2.2 model engines. I own one and and needed to replace the dip stick, I spent hours in junk yards and still never found the right one. So I assume they are not all that common. as such the prior contributor probably didn't know they existed. I myself was stunned when I saw that red dip stick ring sitting there on top the engine (Who whoulda thunk it?)

How do you fix the tail lights on 1989 Pontiac Grand Am Quad 4?

check the fuse and check all tail light , do not assume all light s are good

What year Sunfire or cavalier engines can you interchange with a 1997 Sunfire SE?

1995-1997 Cavaliers and Sunfires used 2 different engines, the 2.2L OHV and the 2.3/2.4L Twin Cam. I believe that the 2.4L engine went unchanged until both engines were dropped in favor of the new ECOTEC powerplant, but in 1998 the 2.2 was revised to become the 2200. So, if you have a 2.2, which I assume because of the SE trim package, then you would need to find one from a J-Body (Cavalier or Sunfire) from 1995-1997.

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How do you replace headlights on a 2000 Pontiac Montana?

I will assume yoou mean only the bulb. Open the hood and you should see some large black plastic wing nuts on top of the headlight assembly and one on the side..simply undo them and wiggle the headlight assembly out, the bulb simply twists in and out of the socket. DO NOT touch the new bulb with your fingers and always hold onto it by the base. Oils on your hands COULD effect the life of the new bulb. Replace in opposite way.

What is the stock top speed limiter for a 1994 Pontiac firebird?

On my 1991 Firebird 305 TBI the computer shuts down acceleration after 110 mph. I would assume it is probably the same for a 1994.

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