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It's easier and more economical to replace the axle assembly with a rebuilt one.

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It is easier and cheaper to replace the entire axle. About $80.

To change a CV Axle on a 1998 Mercury Villager, take off the front tire and the caliper assembly. Take off the pad and the rotor. Disconnect the steering knuckle and pull the CV axle off. Replace with new and reinstall the parts.

Jack the car up, loosen the bolts and remove the wheel. The next thing is to loosen the nuts joining the axle to the stath then remove the axle.

Under the car by the back axle.

With the correct sized socket, obviously.

The trans axle is the transmission on a front wheel drive vehicle

A CV boot is found on the axle of a vehicle. To replace the outer boot remove the axle bolt and pull the boot off. The inner boot requires removal of the whole axle.

Sounds like a drive axle half shaft. Have it replaced. Not that expensive.

Yahoo Groups has a very helpful group; villagerquest. It is here you find the answer(s).

only 3, 2front,1rear is just a striaght axle bieng pulled by front wheel drive.

CV joints are nasty to replace even when you know what you are doing. So, to all those with CV joint questions, Any year, any vehicle, any make,...... it is easier and usually cheaper to replace the whole axle. As to the question of how to replace, buy a good repair manual with pictures. The procedure would take as long to type as it takes to do it.

You don't have to, but if its been torn for a while, a lot of filth gets in there and after you pay to have a boot put on,there is a 50-50 chance you will notice a grinding sound coming from the joint; then you have to pay to do it all over again. If there are over 75,000 miles on it, I would replace the axle. Mark

I've been told that this is usually the cv boot and that it is easier to buy an axle from an auto parts place and have a mechanic replace the axle.

How do you replace a axle on a 95 holds cutlass supreme

Jack up the Odyessy. Remove the wheel and the brake caliper. Take the brake rotor off. Remove the axle nut cover, and the cotter pin. Remove the axle housing. Replace the inner and outer bearings as well as the races.

Much better to replace the whole axle, look at for a guide on how to replace an axle in a Honda Odyssey

how do you replace a Ford F150 rear axle seal

how to remove, or replace front right axle escape 2004

To replace the axle on a 1993 Honda Civic the axle nut has to come off. The hub assembly also will need to be pulled back so the axle can be pulled from the transmission.

You will actually replace the axle assembly for the side that is worn out. Raise the hood and disconnect the positive (+) lead from the battery. Block the rear tires. Remove the hub cap on the appropriate side. Remove the axle cotter pin and locking crown. Remove the large axle nut (34 mm). Place a large brass drift against the indent on the outboard end of the axle, and strike it with a large hammer to loosen it. Loosen the lug nuts. Put the vehicle's transmission in neutral. Raise the vehicle. Support the vehicle with appropriate stands. Remember, a car will crush you is it lands on you. Remove the wheel and tire. On the underneath side of the suspension, you will see a group of three (3) 12 mm bolts, remove these. This will separate the suspension arm into upper and lower sections and provide enough play to remove the axle. Push the axle out of the hub assembly. Once it is clear of the hub assembly, put it out of the transmission. Most years of the Villager do not bolt the axle assembly onto the transmission. Installation is the reverse of disassembly.

Remove the wheel, axle and drop the exhaust and pull it out. It sounds so easy..... It took me almost 7 hours!!!

IV been working on it right now all you need to do is take the back axle off and get a bearing puller and pull the outer bearings off and then you can slide the axle out and put your new bearings in

don't replace the joint. replace the axle

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