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The entire assembly, colour coded case and all is replaced. You will need a medium Philips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench. It is useful to have a support, such as a cardboard box, about the same height as the bottom of the door on which to rest the door panel once it is removed without stressing the wiring.

Remove the black plastic triangle directly behind the mirror on the inside. The retaining clip is at the top so pull against here to free it.

Next remove the door panel. To do this:

+ The plastic cover on the arm rest needs to be removed. Open up the compartment and remove the screw that can be seen. Gently lever up the cover and push in against the retaining clip at the rear. You can then pull out the cover backwards as there is a little tongue that slips under in the front. The cover is attached to the wiring for the locks and window so be careful not to pull. + Remove the 3 screws that can then be seen (2 were under the arm rest covering) and take away the plastic piece. + Unscrew the big bronze screw that you will then see going into the door at an angle. + You may also find a plastic screw near the top of the rear face of the door panel. Unscrew this and pry out the plastic anchor it screwed into.

+ If possible, pry out the small plastic panel behind the inside door handle. Behind this is another screw which anchors the handle machanism to the door, which should be removed.

+ Pull firmly around the edges of the door panel, starting from the top front, and the little plastic clips will pop out of the door. + Pulling the door cover away and simultaneously lifting up, lift the entire door panel over the metal sill at the top by the window. If you were unable to release the inside door handle you'll also need to guide this through the hole cut in the door panel. In this case, unscrew the handle from the door and fit it in place in the door panel before reassembly, or this will be difficult to align

You can now disconnect the wiring harness from the mirror and remove the 3 mirror bolts.

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Q: How do you replace the passenger side mirror glass only on a 2001 Toyota Camry LE?
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