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Here are recommendations from different contributors: * first you must remove the pulley from the front (with a pulley puller) next there are three bolts holding it (15mm) remove the line from the pump first, as to not break them. remove the plug as well if you have variable assist. after the three bolts are out, it's out. * Disconnect the negative battery cable first. Remove the drivebelt. Remove the pulley using a special remover tool. Remove the hoses from the back of the pump and drain the fluid. You might want to place a rag to plug the hoses. Remove the bolts that hold up the pump. When you install the pulley, use the special tool and push it until the hub is flush with the shaft. Do not push it further than that. Fill with Power Steering fluid and bleed the system. To bleed make sure the front wheels are facing straight ahead. Fill it with power steering fluid until it hits the cold mark on the dipstick. Start the engine and idle it fast. Turn the steering wheel from side to side to bleed the system but do not full lock steering wheel to either side. Make sure you keep enough fluid in the power steering pump. Straighten out the front tires and leave the engine running for a few more minutes. Test you car on the road. Once you warm up the car, make sure the fluid is at the right level - it should be in the HOT mark.

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Q: How do you replace the power steering pump on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird?
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