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Disconnect negative battery cable, remove coolant overflow tank, unbolt alternator and place it forward of the front valve cover,there are two studs with nuts and one bolt holding the steering pump to the engine.In order to get to the bolt you must first unbolt and remove the serpentine belt tensioner because the bolt is behind and under it. Suggest the idler pully be removed for better access to everything. Once the idler and tensioner are removed, the PS pump PULLEY must be removed or broken off (its made of plastic) OR remove the two nuts from the studs and remove the bolt that was hidden by the tensioner. Slide the pump assembly forward so that you can access the studs with vice grips and remove them this way OR take two nuts that are the correct size for the studs,tighten them against each other and rotate the inner nut counterclockwise til the stud is out....the fun part is trying to get an open end wrench in there....I recommend vice grip from above. The studs have to come out if you desire to remove the pump intact with the pulley attached, otherwise it will not have any clearance to come out. A new pulley costs $9.95 at advance auto, Power Steering pump about $45 same place. Plastic pulley must be pressed on and cannot be done with the bolt, washer and nut supplied with the pulley unless you lube the Hell out of the pulley, break a coupleof pulleys because the instructions are Crap. Take the works to an auto machine shop and let them press it on. Best way to get the pulley off the old pump is by breaking the thing off with a hammer so you have it free of the mount and with you for exchange (core charge is $35). The tool recommeded for removing the old pulley is a hair puller and all you will do is strip the threads in the pulley without budging the plastic piece of junk.Good luck, it took me two pulleys and lots of cussing to learn what I have written here. PS, don't forget to change the $18 power steering pump filter(FOR REAL)on the drivers side clipped to the frame.

a good book is haynes auto repair for a Mercury

first you remove the pulley with a pulley removel tool you should be able to rent one from parts store.then remove lines,then pump

I am replacing mine today..the pump itself will come with all the information you need except the fact that you need a special puller to remove the power steering pully. I tryed the conventional three prong puller and found the 4" is to big to get in there to grab thre front of the pully due to the low placement and the body and air conditioner lines in the way..I am on my way back to the auto parts store to see if I can purchase the right puller..back later with price and availability and how it worked out...good luck terry

Check out this link:


you need to purchase a puller set.


I found some instructions in a "Haynes Repair Manual" for the Taurus and Sable. The manuals are available at auto parts stores and in many public libraries.

I did not need to buy the puller set. The Auto Zone in my neighborhood offers free tool rental, and they had the puller set that I needed. They asked for a deposit when I picked up the tools, and refunded the full deposit when I returned the tools.

same in my town, as the one above, about the renting of tools. auto zone , I've noticed , is the best place and one you can trust more than most stores, for tool rentals. do NOT , however, do it *redneck style* like my husband does, because we never have the $50 plus for the rental in between pay periods, by hammering it off. it is BAD!when i found out how he always got them off wihtout a *pulley puller* set, i asked him how he did it without messing it up. he responded, "VERY CAREFULLY!" my mother-in-laws b/f was not so careful, and it eventually costed 300 dollars in parts alone and 6 months worth of frustration fixing the botched job, just so we could replace the water pump because someone welded the pulley onto the pump to make it stay on, which is NOT by ANY means, exceptable on ANY car. it causes far more problems than the imediate fix. If not taken off properly, you can not put it back on and have it stay there. it will fly off and shred your belt. my sister went through 3 belts before i found out what they did and theyre 25 a peice.

you need a special tool. puller / installer. rent it at Auto Zone for +/- $35

Go to a automotive supply store and ask for a Haines auto repair manual for your make year and model of car. It will show you, step by step how to do any repair to that particular car, with photos and a complete description of how to take it apart and put it back together again.

The best few dollars that you will ever spend.

you need a power steering pump pulley puller and installer kit. go to your local parts store. theyll have one.

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use a grenade

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Q: How do you replace the power steering pump on a Taurus - Sable?
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