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Start by taking off the panel of course. If your lucky enough the rivets have already been drilled out and bolts replace them, if not drill them out. You may see 4 bolts they will be in the first 1/3 of the door like under the wing window, half way down. Loosen those bolts and take the window glass off the track. This may be tricky but can be done by one person. Once the arms(regulators?)are off the tracks prop up the window glass with something, or have someone hold it up. Now you have to work this whole contraption motor/regulator/arms out the larger hole in the door. Yes, it too will come out probably after a few choice cuss words. when you do get it out and ready to take it off the regulator, be careful they say it has 40lbs of pressure in that coil spring, mine had 2 holes in the big gear, in which I put bolts to keep it from moving its full range if it let go. Replace motor and repeat the same steps backwards to install. Oh a good curcuit tester is a big help, if you have to replace the switch too.

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2006-10-20 21:02:33
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Q: How do you replace the power window motors on a 1986 Chevy Silverado?
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