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I needed mine replaced on an 85 convertable that I couldn't see through. I found a commercial canvas company that replaced mine for about 20 bucks. Any car interior repair shop may be able to help you, also, you may contact someone that does body work in your area. They'll be able to tell you where to get it replaced

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Q: How do you replace the rear window with tuff plastic in a 1995 Ford Mustang GT convertible?
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Does a Classic Coupe Mustang quarter window assembly fit a convertible?


How do you repair a loose window on a 1991 Mustang GT?

i have a 89 gt 5.0 . theres little plastic clips on the middle back and bottom front of the window. pull the window out and replace them. it should help.

Can the rear window of a 1998 BMW 323i convertible be replaced?

The rear window of your 1998 BMW 323 convertible can be replaced. Most BMW dealerships service department will replace the window.

How do you replace 98 mustang door window?

Take it into a shop

How do you glue a plastic window to a convertible top?

I would use Lexel or Lepage Extreme for that .

How do you glue a plastic rear window to a convertible top?

I would use 100% silicone or Gloozit.

How do you replace the manual passenger side window in an 89' mustang?

You will need to remove the inside door panel in your 1989 Ford Mustang. Remove the window retaining clips. The window will lift out. Reverse the process to install the new window.

Is it safe to put a decal on a convertible's rear window I have a window sticker for cars that i would like to put on but my car's which is a convertible back window is made of plastic not glass?

I wouldn't.

How do you replace passenger power window motor on a 1999 Chevy cavalier convertible?

go to your local machanic

Can you replace the plastic window rollers on a 1998 dodge 1500 pickup?


How do you replace the plastic piece that holds the window on a 1991 Mazda?

pritt stick

How do you replace a Sebring convertible rear window?

It will need to be done by a shop specializing in convertible tops as the window has curtains that need to be glued to the top. I just had mine done last week and it was around 425 for glass or I could have had plastic ( which isn't that durable ) for 309. This is a common problem for sebrings as I have seen many with bad rear windows and many with homemade windows using duct tape and plexiglass.

How do you replace 1986 Ford F350 power window motor?

If the window motor runs, replace the plastic spacers with ball bearings or bolt nuts. Oliver said it.

How do you replace rear window motor on 1989 mustang convertible?

Raise the top, pop off the plastic retainers holding the rear cover on, or just pry the whole thing out, it pretty much goes back in and stays there even if you don't use all the hardware. Then take the three screws out that are holding the speaker mount on, pry the black plastic cover off, unhook the harness, and remove the three screws holding the motor in place. And you're done!

Where can you find a window sticker for a 1984 Ford Mustang?

Where can you find a window sticker for a 1984 ford mustang?

How do you remove scratches from convertible car plastic windows?

There is a plastic window polish from the Meguiars company that is made for this problem. Larger auto parts stores will carry it.I hope this helps you. Mark

How do you replace door glass in Daewoo Lanos?

You need to unscrew the plastic of the door and remove the plastic handle then get the window low you will see 2 plastic screw, unscrew and then you have to pull up the window with your hands. It's very easy.... :)

In a 1991 lebaron convertible can the plastic window be replaced by a glass window?

Yes! If you have a zipout window. It will require top half open. Then the lower panel removal, re-stapling of the new meterial to the panel. Good luck tight fit.

How do you replace electric window motors Pontiac Grand Prix?

In order to replace the electric window motors on a Pontiac Grand Prix you will need to unscrew the Torx screws on the door, life it back to remove the plastic pieces. Remove all connectors, and the plastic covers.

How do repair A window coming off track on 95 mustang?

To repair a window that is coming off track on a \'95 Mustang you will need to remove the door trim panel and access the inside of the door. Once you do this, you can then replace the regulator, which causes windows to come off track.

How do you remove right door panel for 1994 mustang gt convertible?

Remove armrest screws, inside handle, window crank etc. and the panal slides back about 3/8 of an inch

How do you replace Honda Civic dx back window?

To replace the back window on a Honda Civic DX, you will have to remove the old one, peel off the remaining plastic, and put the new one in place.

Where is the Power window relay on a 1994 ford mustang?

The power window relay on a 1994 Ford Mustang is in the fuse box. The power window relay is silver in color.

Where is the power window relay in a 1993 mustang convertible?

I found mine high up behind the drivers kick plate. There are 2 relays in that location, the window relay being the top most one. It would be good to have small hand as it is very hard to get to.

If the plastic pieces break off the window after replacing the window regulator of a 2002 grandam do you have to replace the glass or can you buy the pieces to go on the window?

You can buy new plastic pieces. They are called sash clips and they are a dealer only item and they run about 10-20$ a piece