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This is sort of an "If you have to ask, you can't do it" situation. A gunsmith will have tools for removing/replacing pins, and screwdrivers made for specific sizes/types of screws, and knows what to hold as things come apart so little springs-n-things don't fly across the room and get lost. Check the yellow pages for one near you.

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How do you fix the shell ejector on a 30-30 Glenfield Model 30A?

If you removed the bolt, you probably lost the ejector spring. A new one can be had from Numrich Gun Parts. To replace the ejector spring, remove the bolt, and take out the spring from the bottom of the receiver just behind the ejector port.

How does the sears model 273.27010 22 cal bolt action rifle eject the shell?

Your rifle was manufactured by Winchester as their model 121. The spent shell is removed from the chamber by action of the right and left extractors and is then bounced out by bumping agains the ejector. Look for problems there. Parts are available from

Where can you get parts for your 5mm Remington 592m bolt action?

want to buy a ejector bolt for 5mm model 592. let me know

Why does your marlin 22 cal model 60 keep jamming?

open the breech bolt and check the ejector, is a steel wire located betwin the breecch bolt and the action maybe is too wear

What is a bolt action air soft gun?

All Bolt action rifles work the same. When you fire you have to manually operate the Bolt to eject the shell casing and load the next shot. This must be done for each shot until the rifle is empty. In the case of Air soft there is no Shell casing, but it's the same action to load and fire.

Your A5 fires but does not ejected the shells?

Is the shell still seated in the chamber and not attached to the bolt as it comes back?The extractor may be broken or bent or worn.Look at the spent shell, are there marks that look like the extractor grabbed the shell but couldn't pull it out?It could be a magazine issue. Is the spent shell hitting the shells in the magazine as the bolt comes back?Check the next shell in the mag for marks.Is the shell attached to the bolt but not kicking out the port?The ejector is bent or broken or worn.Is the bolt not coming back far enough to eject the shell?Check the gas valve and system.Does it only happen with one kind of ammo?

243 both lever bolt action this gun was both lever and bolt action before it burnt in my father inlaws house what is it worth and can I replace it or will he have to get something else?

In a fire usually = worth nothing. You will have to replace. Donate to a museum. Never seen a rifle that was both a lever and a bolt action.

Why is your semi auto paintball gun shooting bolt action?

You probably need to replace the bolt o-rings.

Which major component group consists of the cartridge extractor ejector and firing pin?

Bolt and bolt carrier group

How do you clean the bolt for a 22 Remington nylon 66 long rifle?

Pull the bolt handle straight out. Remove the two screws holding the receiver cover and lift cover off. Mind the ejector which is loose stamped steel, held in by the cover. Remove screw holding the barrel to the stock and remove the barrel. Remove bolt to the front and clean. Reassemble in reverse order. Take care to replace the ejector.

How do you use a boltaction rifle?

I'm not certain what you mean, "how do you use a boltaction", but I'll go with it anyway. Bolt action, simply refers to the mechanism that ejects the old shell and loads a new shell into the chamber. The bolt action is a kind of handle on top of the gun, and when you want to load a shell, and this is assuming it has the capacity for more than one shell, you raise the handle up, and pull it back;this will eject a spent shell if you've already fired it; then push the bolt forward, which loads a new shell. If it's a single shell capacity, or single shot, you'll have to follow the above instructions, but load the shell in manually after you've opened the chamber by pulling back the bolt. Clear as mud.

Do bolt action shot guns need gun powder?

Yes. The gun powder is contained in the shot shell.

The bolt carrier group has four main pieces in a M-16 rifle that require cleaning bolt bolt cam firing pin and outer bolt carrier?

ejector also

What is a 20 gauge bolt action model?

I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Anything called 20 gauge is a shotgun. A bolt action gun is one where each time you fire it, you must lift the bolt handle and pull back the bolt to eject the shell, then push it back to insert another shell. The two cannot be synonymous. Click on the Related Link to see an image of a Mossberg Model 185K.

How do you remove a stuck ejector pin from a savage 110 bolt?

Take bolt apart take bolt head and clamp in a drill press use a 3/32 drill bit to drill it out shouldn't have to drill all the way out . Numrichs brownells and midway usa have the ejector the spring and the retaining pin

How do you replace the feed ramp on a marlin 883 bolt action rifle?

Job is best left to a gunsmith

How does a semi auto pistol extractor and ejector work?

When the slide or bolt moves to the rear, part of that bolt- the extractor- grips the rim or groove of the cartridge case, and pulls it out of the chamber. At the end of the stroke, another part, the ejector, flips the cartridge out from under the extractor, and out of the gun.

How does the extractor work on a Remington 592M?

The ejector located inside the left side of the receiver is drug reward by a leaf spring on the bolt on this rifle. The ejector has a shoe on the forward end which is part of the chamber and assists the extractor in removing the cartridge from the chamber. About halfway to the open position a coil spring located in a slot on the left side of the receiver under the thin metal cover overcomes the bolt spring pressure and pops the ejector loose and returns it to its forward home position. As the bolt continues rearward a lip on the back end of the ejector contacts the cartridge case rim and kicks it out when the bolt is fully rearward.

Where can you find parts for a 410 Sears and Roebuck Model 101.1380 shotgun?

That should be a Savage/Springfield Model 18. If you can't find parts from a local gunsmith, try i have a sears roebuck bolt action .410 shotgun model 110.1120 3''. i need the shell ejector piece. to get a clip for a shotgun try

Luigi Franchi Model 48 AL bolt ejector?

Gun shop, gun show, egunparts

Does a Olympic precision rifle have a bolt or lever on the action that opens the action?


What is the value of a 1939 M1 Garand bolt action rifle with a bayonnet that was used in World War 2?

The Garand rifle is a semiauto, not a bolt action. Do you have a Model 1903A3 bolt action? A Model 1917 bolt action?

Does the Winchester 1904 22 short have a lever or bolt action?

A model 1904 is a single shot bolt action rifle.

What is wrong if your Marlin fails to totally eject the casings and they jam in the rifle with the hole facing out?

If your rifle is not ejecting the casings, your ejector is not working. If you have a lever action, the ejector is the little spring loaded finger protruding from the inside of the receiver's back wall. There is a curved flat spring behind the finger that may be broken. On bolt actions or semi-autos the ejector is built into the bolt and also is spring loaded. Check for damage to the ejector itself or weak or damaged springs. when the caseings on my gun dont eject i just use a little oil on the bolt! works fine I concur, I have a Marlin Glenfiled Model 60 that would do this and finaly paid $8.75 for an ejector lifter spring from Numrich. The 32 year old gun works like new! Sounds like you may have a broken or damaged ejector, or worn out extractor, or both. ANSWER They also tend to be a little fussy if you get any oil in the chamber. Or if you use Remington Golden bulk ammo packs.

How do you measure the action on a bolt rifle?

Book of Bolt Action Rifles should help