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Disconnect the battery by removing the positive connectior. Using a 10mm spanner or long socket remove the two studs with nuts attached on the coil pack which is located at the top back of the engine. Unclip the hose that connects to the rocker case cover and air intake hose and move it aside. Pull the coil pack out and move to aside the right. You may have to disconnect the plug adaptor, but you should be able to get away with leaving it to the right. Using a suitable size spark plug socket (cant remember the size) and a flexi extension bar and rachet or tommey bar undo each socket and replace with an appropriate new spark plugs. Reassemble in reservse order of the above. Hope this helps!

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How do you replace a head gasket on a Peugeot 206?

making sure the camshaft is lined on so the piston dont get damaged on my peugeot 206

What is a similar car to the peugeot 206?

A similar car to the Peugeot 206 is the Peugeot 205 which the Peugeot 206 is modeled after with minor modifications and upgrades from the Peugeot 205 to the Peugeot 206.

How do replace a peugeot 206 car aerial?

cant be replaced

What is the spark plug gap setting for peugeot 206 1.4 lx?


How do you replace heater matrix in peugeot 206?

The heater matrix, in a Peugeot 206, can be replaced by removing the heater core and the hoses. With the heater core removed you can replace it with a new heater core.

Where are the glow plugs on s reg Peugeot 206 diesel?

normally glow plugs are used on an IDi[ Indirect Injection] diesel engine. most peugeot 206 vehicles have an HDi engine[ Peugeot's nomenclature for Commonrail Direct injection]. hence there will be no glow plugs in those 206 vehicles. Some of the base model 206 from the first few years shipped with the non-HDi DW8 engine - which do have glow plugs. Check which model you have. If it's 1.9, then its the DW8. Else it is probably an HDi. Replace quickly if they start to fail.

Can you replace peugeot 206 auto gearbox with manual gear box?


How much does it cost to replace a peugeot 206 cambelt 2002?

I paid £180 for one to be replaced on a 2001 206

How do you disable your immobilser on your peugeot 206?

How to disable Peugeot 206 immobilizer?

How do you replace the thermostat on a Peugeot 206 cc?

Remove the thermostat housing. where is, and how do i remove the housing

How do you fix remote central locking on a peugeot 206?

depends on the prob but most likely with 206 replace the central locking motors

How do you replace a spotlight bulb on peugeot 206?

To replace a spotlight bulb on a Peugeot 206, remove the plastic coated metal ring and use a flattened drinking straw to be pushed up between the rims of the light fixture. Unscrew the old spotlight bulb and replace with new.

What exactly is a used Peugeot 206?

A Peugeot 206 is a type of automobile. It is a car of the hatchback variety. A used Peugeot 206 is one of these automobiles that has had a previous owner.

Can you fit a Peugeot 206 gti throttle body on a Peugeot 206 1.6 xs?


What is the ignition timing on a Peugeot 206?

show me photo of timing engine peugeot 206 rc

Why wont your peugeot 206 hdi diesel start?

There could be many reasons why the vehicle won't start. The battery could be drained, there may not be connection on the battery post, there may not be a spark between the spark plugs, the starter could be going bad, or the solenoid may need to be replaced.

Where is the rev counter sender unit in Peugeot 206 how to get at it?

where is the rev counter sender unit in peugeot 206 how to get at it

Change front head lights on a Peugeot 206?

how two change my front head lights on a peugeot 206

What car manufactured in 2013 has features similar to the Peugeot 206?

The car manufactured in 2013 that has features most similar to the Peugeot 206 would be its successor, the Peugeot 206+, as they both sport similar designs.

What is the spark plug gap on a Peugeot 206 1.1 2000?

This website should answer your question. It lists a lot of Peugeots and yours should be there. Go to . :)

What is the top speed of peugeot 206 1.4 hdi?

180 kmhIt is the top speed of peugeot 206 1.4 hdi.

What is the recommended tire psi for Peugeot 206 1.1?

The manufacturer's recommendation for peugeot 206 is 31 PSI front and back

How do you change a front coil spring on a Peugeot 206?

How long does it take to change a front coil spring on a Peugeot 206

Do Peugeot 106 alloys fit on Peugeot 206 wheels?


Does a peugeot 206 space saver wheel fit a peugeot 207cc?