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I just recently changed the plugs on my 2001 325ci coupe.......yes i know different car, but the idea is the same. Here is a diy for a 330ci, its going to be almost identical on your car


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How do you replace a water pump on a 1990 BMW 325i?

How do you replace a waterpump on a 1990 BMW 325i

How do you replace a thermostat on a 2001 BMW 325I?

is in hard to replace a thermostat on a 2001 bmw 325i

How do you replace a blower resistor on a 2002 BMW 325i?

how to replace blower resister on a 325i BMW 2002

How do you charged a BMW 2004 BMW 325i?

Use an ipod charger and charge it on the outlet

No power to window switches 325i BMW?

replace your comfort relay

What size wiper blade 2004 325i BMW?

I do not see the 2004 BMW 325i listed in aftermarket catalogs which suggests its a dealer-only part number. Since you have to go to the dealer, they can get you the correct parts.

What size wiper for a 325i BMW 2004?

driver 22" passenger 20"

How do you change the oil pressure sensor in a 2004 BMW 325i?

The oil pressure sensor on a 2004 BMW 325i is located on the bottom, right side of the engine. It is screwed into the block and has an output wire which sends information to the computer.

Where is the starter located on the 2003 BMW 325i?

Where is the starter located on my 2003 BMW 325i

Where do you find the BMW 325i oil dipstick?

I have a 325i bmw it is making a tickin noise? why is that

How do you replace a head gasket for a 1994 325I BMW?

instructions for changeing the head gasket on 93 BMW 325i m 50 motor, does the timing chain have to be romeved and what are the torque tolerences for the bolts.

How many gallons is a 2004 BMW 325i gas tank?

An e46(2001-2006) 325i/xi has a 16 gallon gas tank

How can you reset the oil change light on your 2004 325I BMW?

take it to the local BMW garage and they'll do it take it to the local BMW garage and they'll do it

Can you jump a 325i BMW?

I have a 2006 325i and i have jumped it.

Where can I get a service manual for 2004 BMW 325i series?

most BMW dealers should carry these if nit EBay should have one .

How do you replace a thermostat in a 2002 BMW 325i?

Take it to a mechanic . That should be ur best bet

How do you replace rear brake pipe to BMW 325ci?

how do you put disc brake bmw90 325i

How do you reset oil light on 1989 BMW 325i?

Reset inspection light on 1989 bmw 325i

How do you replace parking lamps on 2004 BMW 530i?

how do you replace halo parking lights on 2004 530i bmw

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