How do you replace the speakers on the door of a 2004 Chevy Silverado?

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Take door panel off then it's as easy as 1-2-3
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How do you replace the speakers on the door of a 2000 Chevy Silverado pickup?

I just replaced mine this past weekend. For the passenger side door, there is a screw right under the door handle and a screw in the middle underneath the door. Remove them both. Next remove the side mirror cover. It just snaps off. Now firmly but gently pull up and out on the door cover. It should ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the door hinge pins and bushings in a 1997 Chevy Silverado?

See Re: doors sag,play in hinges [Re: gmussell] #1387132 - Thu Feb 10 2005 07:27 AM Edit post Edit Reply to this post Reply Reply to this post Quote Quick Reply Quick Reply Your '93 would be an IFS truck so it goes on ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the exterior door handle on a 1988 Chevy Silverado pickup truck?

first you remove the interior door panel, nest i would get a flash light to see the bolts inside the door shell for the handle. there will be only one bolt inside the door shell. you can access the bolt through a hole in the inner door panel. use either a 10mm socket and extension to reach the bolt. ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the door panels in a 1996 Chevy Tahoe to replace the stock speakers?

First, pry up the electric window control panel, and disconnect everything, then tuck the wires back down out of the way. Remove the door panel by removing the two bolts in the handle/ armrest then lok carefully at the trim ring around the door handle, and you should be able to see where you need to ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the door handle and key cylinder on a 1998 Chevy Silverado?

I just replaced mine yesterday. I have a 1997 Chevy Silverado K1500. I bought the part for about $38.00 ( for the driver side. You must remove the door panel, the plastic and the metal sheet underneath the plastic as well. There is one screw that you must remove that holds the handle fr ( Full Answer )

How do you take apart the rear doors to replace blown rear speakers on your 1994 4-door S-10 Chevy Blazer?

You have to look carefully at the door panel. It would be like taking any other panel off a door. You need to look for screws, some my be hidden. If you can't find any screws the panel is probably just held on by clips. Take a screwdriver or something flat and rigid and carefully insert it between t ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the inside drivers door handle on a 97 Chevy Silverado with power lockswindows?

changing handle on 97 Chevy silverado 1. A tool to loosen the door panel will be a great asset. A drill motor and drill to take out the existing rivit. A putty knife to release the plastic frame around door handle. 2. Take the plastic frame off and away from the door handle. Do this by locating the ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the door speakers on a 2001 Chevy Silverado 1500?

The Chevrolet Silverado speakers are replaced by first unscrewing two black hexhead screws, the first located in the door corner of the handle used for closing the door. The second screw is located underneath the door lock, mirror adjuster, and window opener/closer buttons located together on a pad ( Full Answer )

How do you remove speakers in a 1992 Chevy Silverado?

If it's the same as a 93 model then you will run into weak plastic clips on the back side of the plastic that the dash cover has in place. the front speakers aren't too hard. just pry off the speaker grill covers with a screw driver and while carefully prying the covers up and towards you just be wa ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the door panel on a 2005 Silverado 1500 std cab to replace the speaker?

On Most GM vehichles, you can easily pry the door panel off with a flathead screwdriver. Remember, though, that the clips that you are prying off are very cheap, and usually break off. So, go to the GM dealership, and get a box of door panel clips before you pry off the panel. (a box of 25 costs abo ( Full Answer )

How do you replace speakers on 2002 Chevy suburban side door?

You remove four screws with a small L key and then carefully remove the top plastic from the speaker ......then remove the speaker from the lower plastic.....Its a bit tuff but it can be done and then replace also need to remove the receiving part from old speaker and use it to conne ( Full Answer )

How do you replace a 2000 silverado truck speakers?

You obviously have to remove the door panels, then there might be some plastic around the edges of the speaker. There should be four screws that hold the speaker in place, they might be somewhat hidden from the plastic. After you remove those four screws you just pull the speaker out toward you. Thi ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the flasher on a 2004 silverado?

You go to and search under 2004 Chevy Silverado 1500 for Flasher and it pulls up a part for $48. You buy it. Once it comes you take off the module plugged into the back of your fuse block (in the driver's side dash) and and put the new one in. This repair is detailed in Silverado T ( Full Answer )

How do you remove the door speaker on 2003 silverado?

Assuming you do not have the Bose system, it's actually pretty easy. 1. Pop the plastic locking mechanism off the door panel. 2. There is a 7-mm screw underneath where the the locking mechanism used to be. remove this. 3. There is another 7-mm screw just below the door handle, the one you pul ( Full Answer )

How do you replace outer door handle on a Chevy silverado 2000?

you have to take the entire door skin off,arm rest,switches,etc.remember how you took everything apart so as put everything back again the handle has basically to bolts holding it in place one outer side of door edge,above the Vin number,sticker on the door,the other you will see when you take apart ( Full Answer )

How do I replace door handle on Chevy 96 silverado?

Open your door. Look at the edge of the door. There is a bolt just about even with the handle. Take that out and then remove the inside door panel. There should be a whole at on the inside even with the door handle, take that out and the handle should be lose. You will then have to take apart the cl ( Full Answer )

How do you replace the speakers in a 1997 Chevy astro van door panel?

For side doors, Very carefully with a flat blade screw driver and pry around edge of covers over spkrs. near corners between grills or center and side of door cover . Once off, should be able to see screws or possibly rivets holding spkr. in place. If you do have rivets, drill them out and after ins ( Full Answer )

How do you replace stereo speaker in 2004 Toyota Sienna front door panel?

Inspect the door panel for any places to hide a screw, you also have to remove the window and lock control pad by prying upwards from the back, careful not to scratch or indent the material., once you have removed them all slightly pull and move the panel upwards( the wrong amount of pressure or mis ( Full Answer )

How do replace rear disc brakes on 2004 Chevy Silverado?

Remove the caliper retaining bolts from the inside of the caliper.Lift the caliper off the mounting bracket and over the rotor. Slidethe old inner and outer brake pads out of the caliper, and slidethe new brake pads into the caliper.

How to Replace door speakers 300m?

The front door speakers are very easy to replace... The Grill covering the speakers just pops out: Open the door. pull out on the grill from the hinge side of door toward the latch side of the door. Then remove three torque screws. and disconnect the wiring harness.. The front door speakers are 2-o ( Full Answer )

How do you take door speakers out of a 2003 Silverado?

there should be a screw where the door handle is and maybe on the corners of the door panel. undo any screws and take off any handles then pop off the panel with a flathead screwdriver.

Spark plug replacement Chevy Silverado 2004?

If you don't know how, you shouldn't be doing it. I'm sure your local dealer, or redneck at the trailer park would be happy to change them for you.

What size speakers fit front door panel on 2000 Chevy silverado 1500?

All you need are 6.5s. You can get components or normal. I replaced ALL 4 of my 6.5s with ALPINE type Rs- and if you crank them a little to high you may blow an eardrum. Lol. I have them wired directly to my Jensen VM9512 indash tv with built in equalizer, all i can say is awesome. If you wire them ( Full Answer )

What size speakers 1995 Chevy Silverado?

hello,. pretty sure the sizes are 6.5" for the doors and 4x6" for the rear but to confirm you can go to and click "out fit my car" and it will give you sizes and options on new speakers.

How do you replace speakers on a 2000 silverado?

For a 2000 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab 4 dr 4x4 Z71 Front 6.5/6.75 inch speaker remove door panel and then install new speaker reattach panel. Rear 4x6 inch speaker remove rear door panel and install new speaker reattach panel.

How do you replace front door speaker drivers side 2004 avalanche truck?

You'll need to use a trim puller to remove the interior panel. Youcan get one at any auto parts store for around $10 - $15. Anyscrews or bolts in the door panel will need to be removed first.Once you've got the door trim off, the speaker will be exposed..just disconnect the wires, remove the fastene ( Full Answer )