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How do you replace the tail light assembly on a 2002 Audi A4?


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2007-04-12 14:04:05
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A single bolt holds the rear light assembly, you will need to remove this bolt. The bolt is covered by a small round cover (same color as the truck carpet). Use a small screw driver to pop open the cover. Use a metric ratchet driver to remove the bolt. Using a slight amount of pressure on the lamp assembly (fingertips near the trunk opening works best) pops it out. The bulbs twist out of the assembly. Reverse the process to reinstall, making sure that you have aligned and seated the assembly before installing the bolt. There are three pressure fit pins that hold the assembly in place, in addition to the bolt. Make sure that these pins are in place (the snap in) before you rebolt it together. That's it! Takes about 5 to 10 minutes.


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Pull the carpeting behind the brake light. Unclip the assembly, replace bulb.

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open the trunk, on the side by the opening you will see a round cover, pull that cover back, that will give you access to the screw that removes the tail light assembly. remove the tail light assembly, when you pull out the tail light assembly you will have access to all of the bulbs in the tail light. this is a 5 minute job, very easy.

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in my 2001 A4, it was the hazard light switch that had to be replaced. maybe thaqt's your issue also

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Audi Motor Assembly was created in 1987.

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