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The serpentine belt you can look at the diagram in your engine compartment for actual routing.

The tensioner mounts to the left side of the engine. You need to unbolt the whole assembly.

Actually, the belt can be loosened by tightening the bolt of the tensioner pulley. When fully tightened, the pulley will act as a swivel.

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Q: How do you replace the tensioner and serpentine belt on a 1996 Saturn SL2?
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How long will it take to replace a belt tensioner unit and serpentine belt in a Lexus 1996 sc300?

How long will it take to replace a belt tensioner unit and serpentine belt in a lexus 1996 sc300?

How do you change a serpentine belt on a 1996 cadillac concours deville?

loosen the tensioner bracket, remove old belt. replace with new belt. tighten with tensioner. job complete!

How do I release the tension on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo for alternator belt?

Near the top of the serpentine belt path is a belt tensioner; it is spring loaded and has a shinney pulley on it. Insert a wrench into this tensioner and pull against it and the tension will be released so you can replace your belt. I am assuming your question is about the serpentine belt.

How to replace an iDLERer pulley on a 1996 ford windstar van?

See "Related Questions" below for a discussion regarding the serpentine belt tensioner and pulley. Pretty comprehensive coverage.

What is the correct name for the lower serpentine belt tensioner on a 1996 dodge avenger 2.5es?

Idler pully.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 1996 Buick Park Avenue?

You need to turn the automatic(spring loaded) tensioner to release pressure on the belt... the library may have a manual for the details free dave

How do you replace the alternator belt on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier 2.2?

I think it has a serpentine belt,at least mine does You can put a 15mm wrench on the tensioner and pull it toward you, the belt will slide right off.

How do you replace the belt tensioner of a 1996 Mercedes c220?

I can send the instructions to you by mail

What is the procedure to change the serpentine belt tensioner on a 1996 Saturn 1.9L engine?

The procedure for changing the tensioner is to first remove the belt. Remove the two bolts holding the tensioner to the engine block. This may require you to remove the bolts through the wheel well, via the access hole in the firewall. Once the bolts are removed, change out the new tensioner for the old one, and repeat the process in reverse.

How do you change the belt on your 1996 Saturn SC2?

Rotate the drivebelt tensioner to release the tension on the belt and remove.

How do you tighen a 1996 Chrysler serpentine belt?

It should have an tensioner pulley on it. A spring loaded arm that puts pressure against the belt as it travels. You may need to replace the pulley and spring if it is failing and allowing the belt to slip off.

How do I tighten the serpentine belt on a 1996 Chevy Monte Carlo?

there is no way to tighten your belt it has an automatic belt tensioner if it is making noise it may be the tensioner or the belt also check to see if it routed correctly

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