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It will be the lower radiator hose. You have to pull the distributer. Marked it so you do not mess up the timing. Remove two 10 MM Nuts Becareful installing the thermosat gasket if not seated right you will ruin the gasket. Time 11/2 to two hours first time. You will need to drain the radiator partially to reduce the antifreeze mess when you remove the hose from the radiator to the thermostat housing and/or the thermostat housing bolts. You don't have to pull the distributer but it is a lot easier as the thermostat housing (cover) is right there behind the distributer. Also, you need to make sure the thermostat is put in facing the right direction. Make sure to get a new gasket for the thermostat housing. ************************************************** Mine is a 94. I'll assume it is similar. I was not confident enough to remove the distributor. The mount was slotted and I know you do not want to get it misaligned. Experienced mechanics can probably tell you more. Instead, I removed the battery and the air intake ducting and the air filter assembly. The mechanic's instructions above were helpful. My battery used 10 mm sockets. The ducting was 10 mm but the base, where it bolts to the car, was 12mm. You'll need a socket extender to reach the nuts on the thermostat cover. I think mine is about 4-5 inches. A longer extender will be helpful to get the 12mm bolts out of the base of the air filter assembly. It's not nearly as tight removing all of this and you can see pretty good under the distributor to do this work I was able to get mine off without taking the hose off of the cover. You'll need to remove the plug on the sensor that's on the thermostat's cover. Pinch the connector near the wires and it should release. It's tight in there, but a good squeeze will release the connector. Replace it before you tighten the thermostat cover while you have a little play. I got mine on after I tightened the cover, but it was pretty tight. I bought the new gasket (spend the dollar--the old one was pretty warped) and it has a groove in it. Work the edge of the thermostat into that. Hold it against the cover with your fingers as you place the cover on the engine block. Have the two nuts ready to finger tighten so that the thermostat stays aligned. This was my first time. It took me about one hour and fifteen minutes. I'm a geek by trade, too ;-) I replaced this because my car was running hot. Clue: When I turned on the heater, it would cool down.

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Q: How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1992 Toyota Paseo?
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