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First off, it's a belt not a chain unless it's a "vanos unit". If you are mechanically inclined and have sufficent tools - it's an involved process & I'd advise getting the Bentley Service manual for the step by step procedures. If you're not sure of your abilities or tools required I'd have it done by a dealer or qualified shop. Hopefully it's not already gone bad - if so you're going to need more than a belt. (The valve tolerances are very tight and if your belt has broken, it's 98% likely it's also done some valve damage) Sorry to be the messenger My 91 525 is an M50B25 non vanos engine and it has a timing chain. Your engine is a chain too. If it is broken and it happened while the engine was running there is a 100% chance that valve damage was done. These engines are interferance type and i cant think of any point the cam could be at where a piston would not hit a valve.

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Q: How do you replace the timing chain on a 1992 525 BMW?
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