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This is a big job and you can cause your driveshaft to vibrate if you don't do it corretly. I suggest taking it to a garage.

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Why are universal joints are needed?

To allow for suspension and steering movement.

How much does it cost to replace universal joints on a 2000 Jeep Wrangler?

Doing it yourself- About 50 bucks. Taking it somewhere it depends where you go- Alot

What are the misuses of universal joints?

Changing the angle of the drive shaft when lifting the vehicle's suspension puts excess stress on the universal joints, expect premature wear or breakage to occur.

What does it mean when your car makes squeaking sound?

Dry ball joints/suspension joints. Universal joints going bad. Worn brake pad "squealers".

What are universal joints on a car?

Universal joints are usually found on each end of a drive shaft between the transmission and the rear differential and/or front differential to allow compensation from the up and down movement from the suspension.

What would cause a wrangler to vibrate when 4x4 is in at low speed?

Check for worn universal joints, they will make things shaky

Are Ball joints same as universal joints?

Ball joints are in the front suspension, it is basically what the wheel assembly pivots on when you turn. Universal joints are on the ends of the drive shaft in a rear wheel drive vehicle. At the transmission and rear end. They give the drive line some flexibility. The same principal is in front wheel drive but are referred to as constant velocity joints, or CV joints.

How do you lubricate drive shaft of Ford Expedition?

The factory u-joints on an expedition are non greaseable.....I had to replace mine with universal greaseable u-joints.

Does a 5-speed 1998 Honda Accord have universal joints?

It has CV joints which are similar to Universal Joints.

What do you-joints look like on a 98 Plymouth breeze?

It doesn't have universal joints. The axle shafts have constant velocity (CV) joints.It doesn't have universal joints. The axle shafts have constant velocity (CV) joints.

What do you put universal joints in?

a universal joint holder.

How do you replace ball joints on a F-150 2006 fwd?

This depends on upper or lower ball joints. If you need to replace the upper ball joints, you must replace the upper control arm. For the lowers, you will need a ball joint press, and some snap ring pliers. Be careful with the spring when taking the spindle apart from the control arms. (spring type suspension) Have to unload the torsion bar (Torsion Bar suspension) You will need a special tool to do this

What are some things that can damage the cars engine Suspension transmission etc For Ex Can burning out in your car hurt more than just your tires?

Motor mounts transmission Universal joints Differential CV joints Springs Struts

How do you replace front axle universal joints on a 1991 jeep Cherokee 4x4? nicely written instructions with pictures.... that's a wrangler but the front axle and everything is EXACT. carefull not to loose the spindle bearing sin the joint caps

Are there universal joints on front wheel drives 2005 grandprix?

Yes but, they are called CV joints (Constant Velocity Joints) . They don't look anything like the old universal joints you typically see on driveshafts.

Why does my truck shake when turning and upon acceleration?

I would suspect you have a broken motor mount. If that is not the case, then you need to inspect all suspension parts, and the drive shaft universal joints.

What does it cost to replace universal joints on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee Sport?

if you do it yourself, about 25 bucks. if you paid some one 200 to 250

Does a 2000 Lincoln ls have upper ball joints?

On a 2000 Lincoln LS : The FRONT suspension is a strut type suspension , so there are ( NO ) upper ball joints

Is there anything in a drive shaft that can come loose?

Universal Joints (U-Joints) can wear out.

How do you replace your front ball joints on Lincoln ls?

How do you replace your front ball joints on a Lincoln

How much to replace cv joints?

The average cost to replace CV joints is approximately $300. It is more inexpensive and less time consuming to replace both CV joints.

What is universal joints?

Universal joints allow a drive shaft to constantly change angles while transmitting rotary motion from the transmission to the front or rear differential.

What is cost to replace universal joints 2001 ford ranger?

About 10 to 20 dollars depending on what quality of brand line you want. I have a 2002, and it was not an expensive fix.

Do you use compound on universal joints?

No, just grease.

What does suspension check mean?

A suspension check is a review of the parts of an automobile that constitute the suspension system. These include CV joints, shock absorbers, and struts.