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Water Pump replacement- Chrysler T&C updated by mlgs300 10 minutes after removal of said Water Pump on a 2003 3.8For 3.3 and 3.8 L engines, the following is straight out of the workshop manual:

1 Loosen lugs (3/4") on right front wheel. Jackup up front of car so wheels are off the ground. Put car on jackstands under frame. remove right front wheel.

2 Remove inner splash shield it has plastic push pins so you'll probably have to break them off with a pair of dikes.

3 Drain cooling system - radiator petcock located lower driver side of radiator. 1/4 turn only, usually does not work. remove clamp from lower radiator hose to pipe and take that hose off make sure you have a big drain pan or remove it slow and stick a screwdriver in between the hose and pipe to drain slowly.

4 Loosen the 3 13mm bolts on the water pump pulley

5 Use a very long prybar like at least 18". From underneath there is a triangular slot cast into the tensioner. Stick the prybar in there and use the frame as a pivot (careful of the brake line it's close) pull down it will only move about an inch. Pull off the belt from the A/C Compressor it makes it easier cuz the pulley moves independently. Get belt out of your way.

6 Check the tensioner. The pulley should not have any play and when you spin it, it shouldn't make any loud noise or scrapy kind of noise.

7 Loosen 5 10mm bolts from water pump

8 Pulley has 3 long openings so you can put pulley through the mounting flanges of the water pump to make room to get water pump out.

9 Pry water pump off gently with screwdriver

10 Rotate water pump and pull downward until it comes out. Don't worry about fins scraping block they are el cheapo plastic! If you don't rotate, it will not look like it would ever come out. If it still doesn't want to come out, you can lower the passenger side of the engine an inch or two, which will give you enough room to pull out the entire assembly.

10a If lowering the engine is necessary. Just remove the air filter assembly and hoses, and any electrical connectors attached. After you remove the air filter assembly, you will be staring right at the engine mounting bracket. The bracket will be attached to the frame and the engine block (it also has a big rubber piece on the frame). Place a jack underneath the oil pan, with a piece of wood in between. Jack up the jack until the wood is in contact with the oil pan. Now, loosen the bolts on the ENGINE side of the mounting bracket. They are fairly long, so you shouldn't have to pull them all the way off. Loosen the bolts about an inch and a half. Now, when you lower your jack, you will be lowering your engine. Lower the engine until you have enough room to pull the water pump out.

Voila! Respect to the original guy who posted and nice torque values below.

To install the new one:

1 install pump, tighten bolts to 105 in-lbs (12 Nm)

2 install pulley, tighten bolts to 22 ft-lbs (30 Nm)

3 install right inner splash guard

4 install accessory drive belt

5 connect negative battery cable

6 fill cooling system

7 start engine and check for leaks

Well, that's what the manual says. Don't shoot the messenger. You can also use the German method of tightening--Gutentight.


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Need to rePlace the water pump on a Chrysler mini van 3.3

A Chrysler Town and Country does not have a water flow valve. The cabin temperature is controlled by a airflow door inside the dash.

The water pump is located behind the timing belt cover. It is driven by the timing belt. If you decide to replace it, replace the belt and idler pullys at the same time.

The thermostat housing on a Chrysler 302.7 L engine can be removed by loosening the 3 housing bolts. Remove the water hose and the housing will come off. Reverse the process to replace with a new housing.

No, but it is recommended. If the belt breaks, valves can get bent.

At least 5 hours. It is driven by the timing belt.

A 2001 Chrysler Town and Country does not have a water control valve in the heater system. The cabin temperature is controlled with electric motors on airflow control doors.

I have been working with a friend that needed to replace the thermostat on a Chrysler town and country 3.8 liter. Hers is a 2003 model. The thermostat itself is only $9.99, new gasket $1.00. The local dealer quoted $80.00 for a replacement that took about 30 minutes and minimal tools. The dealer recommended a cooling system flush and refill. Again I thought this was excessive at $140.00. I will say that although the thermostat was easy to replace, unfortunatly this was not the needed fix. This vehicle needed a water pump replacement.

The 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minivan has a cooling system anti-freeze capacity of five gallons. You can mix the anti-freeze and water at a 50-50 ratio.

the water pump is locate in back of the motor bracket on the left side of the engine it take about 4 hours to remove it

it took me an hour to replace them. paid $60 for both items at advance auto parts. borrow the serpentine belt tool from advance auto so you can easily remove the belt. I was given an estimate of $160 including parts.

It is within the water outlet which is at the bottom of the top radiator hose. Mark

Chrysler V6, six to eight hours. Mercedes/Dodge Sprinter, two to three hours.

It has a timing belt, and the water pump is driven by the same belt. Replace the water pump at the same time you replace the belt. This is an interference engine and as such if the belt breaks serious engine damage will occur. Replace the belt and pump at 102,000 miles.

Have the cooling system pressure tested and check for leaks.

Not real hard but you need direction. Get a manual on your car from the parts store or from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM. It will cost about $20

An experienced mechanic can replace it in about 3 hours with the proper tools.

You best bet Is to ask a couple of different Dodge and Chrysler dealers and a couple of good repair garages you should also replace the water pump at the same time because it is a timing belt driven water pump

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