How do you replace the windshield wiper motor on a 1988 Ford F-150?

Remove the bottom trim on the window. This pops off. Then remove both wiper blade assemblies by pulling the arm back toward the front of the truck, then pulling partially out the retaining clip, and then pulling the whole arm off of the truck.

Next, remove all of the screws (on top and under the hood) on the metal cowling (not sure if this is what its called) between the hood and window. This will give you access to a cover plate above the wiper motor linkage and make it much easier to get the bolts out of the motor. Remove the cover plate. Then remove the retaining clip from the wiper motor linkage and pull the control rods off.

Finally, remove both plugs from the motor. Remove all three bolts (one is a two part bolt with a ground attached) holding the motor on the firewall and pull it free.

Hopefully this will help. (Stupid me forgot the cover plate came off and tried to pull it out and take the retaining clip off that way.) Assembly is the reverse.