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How do you replace the windshield wiper motor on a 1989 Aerostar van?

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2009-01-01 20:59:40
2009-01-01 20:59:40

[1] Remove the windshield wiper arms from their shafts. You must first lift the arms off of the windshield so they lock in the upright position. There is a small tab on the side of the arm where it fits onto the shaft. This tab is part of a lever that locks the arm onto the shaft. Pull the tab away from the shaft and pull the arm off of the shaft.

[2] Remove the plastic cowl below the windshield that fits around the wiper arm shafts by removing the 11 small plastic clips that hold it in place. Sliding a flat bladed screwdriver underneath the cowl next to each clip and prying upward worked well. It appears the clips are meant to be replaced with new ones each time they are removed. The cowl is plastic, usually brittle, so be careful not to break it.

[3] Use a male Torx bit, T-30, to remove the two screws that hold each of the wiper shafts in place. Allow the linkage to drop down allowing access to the motor arm stud.

[4] Locate where the wiper linkage is attached to the motor arm stud. Pry up on the center of the metal retaining clip and push it sideways off of the stud. Remove the link from the stud on the motor arm.

[5] Remove three nuts holding the wiper motor to the cowl which will allow it to drop lower into the engine compartment.

[6] Disconnect the electrical wiring connectors and work the motor out from above the engine.

Reverse procedure to install.

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