How do you replace windows vista with windows seven?

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Yes, you can. Backup your data. Insert the disk with windows 7 and follow instructions.
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How do you get Windows Vista?

You purchase it at the nearest computer shop but they don't sell them much because of windows 7.

Is Windows 9X the same as Windows Vista?

\n. \n Windows \n. \nNo. Windows 9x is a term used to describe the DOS-based operating systems Windows 95 and Windows 98, similar versions of Microsoft Windows which were produced in the 1990s. Occasionally, Windows Me is also included in the term, as it is very similar in many respects.

What is Windows SQM consolidator in Windows Vista?

Information about Windows SQM Consolidator from the Microsoft site: Type: Consolidator Name: Customer Experience Improvement Program Description: This scheduled task runs the Wsqmcons.exe program when you install Windows Vista. This scheduled task also runs the Wsqmcons.exe program daily ( Full Answer )

Which windows office is compatible with Windows Vista?

Answer . I know for sure that Office XP (2002), Office 2003, and Office 2007 are compatible. As for earlier versions, I'm not sure, but there is no point in using Office 97 these days anyway. So whatever version you choose (as long as it is not prior to 2002, it will work.

Which do you prefer Windows vista or Windows xp?

Vista has a lot of cool stuff and a lot of even sweeter shortcuts for everything, but there are just too many bugs for some people.. Xp has proven itself, and with all of its updates and service packs, xp is arguably the best choice, regardless of the facelife that vista has, as vista has horrible ( Full Answer )

Which is better Windows XP or Windows Vista?

If you have the RAM, I would assume vista since it would be more up to date, unfortunately a lot of people stick with XP due to the RAM issue.. XP was better; unfortunately it is no longer available with new machines - except for some low-end laptops. However, Microsoft have said that they will sti ( Full Answer )

Is Windows Vista Premium upgradable to Windows Vista Ultimate?

Yes, you will need to buy an upgrade copy of Ultimate Edition to do so, or use Windows Anytime Upgrade available from the Microsoft website. Contact Microsoft if you need to know whether you can use upgrade in-place as you will be able to keep all of your files and folders this way.

What is Windows Vista?

Windows Vista (formerly codenamed Longhorn) is the next evolution of Windows. It offers an advancement in reliability, security, performance, and manageability over Windows XP. As of July 30, 2005, Windows Vista was in the beta 1 phase and was expected to be released in 2006. Windows Vista is a new ( Full Answer )

What does 'Vista' stand for in Windows Vista?

"Vista" is not only the Italian and Spanish word for "View" or "Sight", but is also the Portuguese word for it. "Vista" is also the feminine past participle of the verb "ver" (to see), in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. I will show examples in Portuguese: "Ela gosta de ser vista de vestido vermelho ( Full Answer )

How can you downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP?

It is possible, in many cases, to install and run XP on a system that originally shipped with Windows Vista. Requirements: 1. About 2 hours to perform all necessary tasks. 2. A Windows XP CD. With valid key, of course. 3. Basic knowledge of partitioning. 4. Basic knowledge of (re)installing XP. 5. ( Full Answer )

Is the Windows 7 Beta a good enough replacement for Windows Vista?

In my opinion, no it is not, the Beta expires on August 2009, the RC expires on July, 2010, however, if you plan to purchase Windows 7, I highly recommend upgrade as Windows 7 has passed several benchmarks showing that it is faster and performs better than it's predecessors.

How does Windows 7 compare to Windows Vista?

Windows 7 doesn't really compare to Windows Vista. However, Windows 7 is way better than Windows Vista, because it doesn't have any bugs, viruses, malware, spyware, etc. and it is much, much faster.

Windows Vista or windows 7?

I would say Windows 7. Normally i would say it's what suits you but in this case, know for a fact that Windows 7 is much less frustrating than Vista. It doesn't crash (as much), its much faster, better UI, comes with more updated preloaded software. Its just better in total. Believe me. Google it ( Full Answer )

Does Windows vista have windows explorer?

Windows explorer is the process which allows you to view your desktop, icons, browse folders. You can find it by opening task manager and locate explorer.exe

How do you upgrade to Windows Vista from Windows XP?

When you put the Vista Install CD in, it will offer an upgradeoption; however, Vista is outdated. You should upgrade to Windows 7if you can purchase it. Just like Vista, it is the same process.Put the Windows Install CD in, it will offer an upgrade option, andyou will be able to upgrade your Windows ( Full Answer )

Does Windows xp work on Windows Vista?

depends on the computer there is a vist upgrade advisor on the Microsoft webpage here is the webpage: and that will tell you if your computer is capable of whatever OS of vista you can run

Is Windows Vista compatible with Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an operating system, not an application. It does not run "on" Windows 7 so it cannot be said to be "compatible" with it. Drivers and applications written for Windows Vista will continue to work on Windows 7. The reverse may not necessarily be true. Vista and 7 use the same kern ( Full Answer )

Can you upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

It depends on your computer hardware and the service pack you have installed with Windows Vista. Try running Windows 7 Upgrade adviser (see link in 'Related links' further down the page.) Yes, but make sure your PC meets these requirements: . 1 GHz processor (32- or 64-bit) . 1 GB of RAM (32-bit); ( Full Answer )

How do you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

Of course, backup all your files to an external hard drive andperform a clean install with your Vista disk. They only make iteasy to upgrade never downgrade. If you do not have an externalhard drive, create a disk partition to use as your file backup.

Can you transform Windows Vista into Windows XP?

There is no rollback way to do it. You would need to reinstall XP fresh over the Vista install. Why do you want to do that anyway, is Vista not working for you?

What is faster Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Generally, Windows 7 is faster than Windows Vista. This is partly through a process of analysis of code to look for bottlenecks between Vista and 7 and improved memory management of screen Windows in 7.

How do you replace Windows 7 with Windows Vista?

what in gods name would posses you to commit such an act of stupidity!?! If you must you will need to boot the PC with a Vista install disk in the DVD drive, make sure CD/DVD drive is listed above HDD in BIOS and boot from CD. When the setup runs you will be able to format the HDD and install Vista ( Full Answer )

Why upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

Windows Vista is an awful piece of software. It's slow and hadnumerous development problems. Microsoft did a terrible job... (Igot a Mac Book because I was so mad) Windows 7 is a greatimprovement! It runs more like a real Windows computer should! Soin conclusion, Vista = garbage and Windows 7 = The ( Full Answer )

What does Windows 7 do that Windows Vista does not?

There are many new additions to Windows 7, including: -Jumplists -Built-in ISO burner -Customization of Notification Area -XP Mode (Not just compatibility view) -Improved touch/touchscreen capability -Record steps of your problem to send to someone with the "Problem Steps Recorder" -Magnifier -Bet ( Full Answer )

Is Windows Vista Windows AMD64 or Windows binary?

Every Windows Distribution is writen in binary non Open Source files. By the way, there are different versions of Windows Vista: Windows Vista 64-bit and Windows Vista 32-bit. Windows Vista 64-bit or x64 can work with 64-bit AMD Processors.

Can you upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista?

You can upgrade to from older versions of Windows to the latestlike XP to Vista but installed programs will probably be removedand need to be reinstalled, and you need to be careful about thestored information on your computer. P.S. Windows 7 is newer and thus recommended instead of Vista incase yo ( Full Answer )

Can you downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows Vista?

You can, but you have to format the computer, and you need Windows Vista Approved CD. Also, Remember to backup the computer first to any drive, for example Portable Drives which has 500GBs.

What do you do to upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7?

first you need to buy the windows 7 upgrade, which is about 300 or so dollars. then, you open it. it has instructions on how to install from there. To find windows 7, search "Windows 7 upgrade" on Google.

What Windows 7 tool replaces the Vista Security Center?

windows action center The security center was quite useful but in Windows 7 its made better. In windows 7 it is called Action center, that's were you can view all your notifications about your computer as well as viewing your security. You can access it by typing it into the start menu or by right c ( Full Answer )

What operating system did Windows Vista replace?

Windows Vista was technically the replacement for Windows Xp. However, it was so unpopular that many users simply waited for the release of Windows 7 to upgrade.