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peace out girl scout :]

Erin && sara kate (and julien) ((and robyn))

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How much did Jamal win in Slum Lord Millionaire?


What actors and actresses appeared in Slum Lord - 2012?

The cast of Slum Lord - 2012 includes: Kourtnee Baukol Daniel Ettedgui as Jesus Johnson Herta Pitman Joseph Schweigert as Hank Paige Wheeler as Casey

What is a slum book?

Orher term for slum note

What is a Brazilian slum?

A slum in Brazil is much the same as a slum in South Africa, India or turkey, except for language

What is the distinguish Between Slum And Normal People Housing?

A slum is a slum because someone perceived the people to be abnormal

Does Istanbul have a slum?

The entire city is one big slum.

Who was lord Durham's report created for?

Durham was sent by Britain to make a report on the colony.

What are slum dwellers?

tell me imformation about cleanliness among the slum dwellers

How do you achieve slum lord without property in the new Zynga Mafia Wars business system?

good question, i need help on this one too.

Why was Lord Durham's Report important?

because he had ipods

What is a slum examine the social causes for the emergence of slum in India?

Social Injustice

The slum area which need disaster awerness?

It might be the Dharavi slum of Mumbai.

Did A R Rahman work in The Lord of the Rings?

He did not work in the live-action movies directed by Peter Jackson. He worked on scoring the music for the musicals..

Where is the worlds largest slum?

World's Largest slum is not DHARAVI but it is in KIBERA (in Nairobi. keniya)

A critcising definition of slum?

A slum is really a part of a city that is considered lower class. However to be more critical, a slum is the ghetto, dirty, poor part of the city.

Biggest slum in Mumbai?

The biggest slum in mumbai is Dharavi. Its population is between 600, 000.

When was Slum Village - album - created?

Slum Village - album - was created in 2005.

Socio economic condition of slum dwellers?

You have your answer in your question. Any one who lives in a slum is not doing well economically. They are poor. People live where they can afford and no one rushes to live in a slum.

Who painted the ''slum dwellers''?

One painter of slum dwellers was the Spanish Bartolomé Murillo 1617-1682.

How to make a slum note?

to make a slum note first you going to sign or write your name and then answer the next qoustion

How many people live in an slum in world?

Somewhere between 1 and 5 billion, depending on how you define "slum".

Which country is most slum?


Which is the largest slum in India?

your house

What is the Brazilian term for slum?


Which European country has the largests slum population?

The largest slum population in Europe is: Latvia which has bad environment for people and mostly slums.

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