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report to the police or their social workers or someone you think can help you


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someone who has come into a country illegally from another country

An illegal immigrant is someone who, without permission, enters a country to live and work.

Nope. Unusual, but I know someone named America. not illegal but very uncommon.

Yes you can sue a stalker because it is illegal. Damages brought about psychological damages. You also file a report to the police. The strength of the law also depends on the state and what is applicable in the country.

To keep it simple an illegal immigrant is someone who moved to the country from another country without the government's permission. They would have to hide in a container on a ship or swim there or something.

If you are convicted of a crime while in the country illegally, you would be deported and then not allowed to apply for naturalization.

Yes. Throwing a pencil (or anything else) at someone can be considered assault. Hitting them with it can be considered battery. These can be brought as civil (for damages) or criminal charges.

Someone who is living in a country other than that of which he is a citizen in violation of that countries immigration laws.

The answer may depend on the country you are in. In the UK, it can only legally be sold to someone with a doctor's prescription.

It depends on the state and country but in most cases it is illegal to have ANY sexual relations with a minor if the other person is over 18

is it illegal for someone to obtain an email that was not addresses to them?

It is illegal to slap someone in any place.

bcause no country has the right not 2 allow someone 2 get a passport bcause of his or her race,color,orreligion

Any illegal activity is the one that is prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules. An illegal is someone who has entered a country illegally, or is staying longer than allowed by their visa, or is working without a work permit

In and of itself, it is not illegal to fire someone over the phone.

Yes it is illegal to wake someone up after they have said to stop.

An illegal alien cannot become a child's guardian. A guardian is someone who is legally allowed to look after a child and lives in a particular country legally.

Wait until he/she is released back to their country of birth and plan your wedding under legal circumstances. No one is allowed to marry illegal aliens.

Illegal? No, it's not illegal, unless the pictures themselves are illegal.

I think it's illegal to impersonate someone cause your not entitled to be that kind of person.

I suppose it depends on how much freedom you have in your country, but in North America and likely most of Europe it is not illegal. However threatening someone through email most likely is.

They allow prosecution of someone who knows or helps people who are illegally in the country.

Some say "undocumented", others say "illegal". I prefer to call the person by his or her name.

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