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There is no difference between defending a lawsuit brought by the original creditor versus one by a collection agency. The only valid defense for a creditor suit is that the debt is not valid. The inability of the debtor to pay what is owed, such as the loss of employment, illness, etc. is not considered a valid legal defense. The debtor should be knowledgeable on what personal and real property they are allowed to exempt under the laws of their state of residency. The preferred method of execution of a creditor judgment is wage garnishment or bank account levy.

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Q: How do you represent yourself in court when the credit card company has sold the debt to a collection company?
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How do you raise your credit score after paying a collection company?


Can a collection company pull your credit without your consent?


Collection agency laws?

if a collection agency has not bought out my debt from the original company can the collection agency look up my credit report?

Can an unpaid ambulance bill hurt your credit?

Yep! If the ambulance company turns your account over to a collection agency that agency might report the collection on your credit. Medical collections are the most common type of collection on a credit report.

Where do you pay collection accounts that are reported on your credit report when the company is out of business or no longer handles the account that was reported for collection?

You pay the collection agency.

What does it mean when your credit report states that you have a paid closed collection account on you credit report?

The original account with a normal credit company went to a third party collection agency. Only after it went to the collection agency was the debt paid and then the account closed.

Should payment be sent to the credit card company or the collection agency?

If you have a collection agency working for the credit card company then it is them you need to make payments too as it is now too late to pay the credit card company. They have sold the debt to the collection company and you will have to pay any charges on top of the debt now also. Try not to let it get that far in future, but that's easier said than done.

Who do i have to contact if i have to accounts in collection i was not aware of?

If you have accounts in collection that you were not aware of, you need to contact the collection company. You can also contact the credit bureaus for more information.

If you stop paying on a collection account that no longer shows on your credit report can the collection company report the unpaid balance to the credit bureaus?

Yes they can and they probably will. if you are concerned about your credit profile, it would not be a good idea to stop paying.

Can I use my credit card after I pay off the collections agency?

No. Once it is sent to a collection agency the company has closed the credit card.

You gave a company your credit card as proof of id and they took money without permission?

My guess is that company was a collection agency? Never give anyone your bank info, or credit card info. If the company was a legitimate company you were doing business with and you did not authorize payment dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Can an unpaid hospital bill go against your credit?

Yes, definitely. Although, it will only show up on your credit report after the hospital has proceeded to turn the debt over to a collection company and the collection company obtains a default judgment against you. At that point, it will show up on your credit as a derogatory public record/lien/judgment.

How do you pay credit card charge-offs?

I am a professional debt collector and would say the best answer would be to either contact your credit card company and see to whom they sold the debt, as they no longer own the debt and therefore can not help you rectify the situation. The other option would be to pull a credit report on yourself and check to see if the collection agency is on your report, or if there was an inquiry on your report from a collection agency.

Why balance sheet is not an account?

An account is a record that represents a single thing to the company. Balance sheets represent multiple accounts. Accounts can at one time only be either a debit or a credit. A balance sheet is a collection of certain accounts presented in a statement, and includes both debit and credit accounts.

Can a debt collection company charge you to pay with credit card?

its unusual, from the ones ive known, no most use an internet site to process credit cards.

How long is it before debt collection will be sent if someone does not pay off their credit card?

The length of time a debt collection is sent really depends on the credit card company. If they have attempted to make contact on various occasions with no resolve then the companies will often send out a debt collection notification, and also the companies will notify the credit bureaus.

Can a credit card company garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

Can a collection agency garnish wages in the state of Oregon?

If you settle an old credit card debt with a collection agency paying the negotiated price in full will the collection agency remove the collection from your credit report?

No the collection will not be removed from the credit report. They will show it paid in full.

What is the company Computer Credit Inc about?

Computer Credit Inc. is a collection agency that specializes in collecting past due medical bills from patients. Computer Credit Inc. has partnerships with IntraNexus and Affinity.

Can you still talk to the credit card company directly for paying off an unpaid debt or do you have to talk to the debt collection company?

Once the debt. has been charged off and sold to a outside collection source you must talk to them.

Can a company legally assess a chargeback fee against a consumer?

If you're talking about a credit card charge you disputed with the credit card company and the credit card company determined the dispute in your favor generally no. The other question you have to ask yourself however is if you received a good or service in exchange for what you charged to your card? Just because the credit card company determined the dispute in your favor and charged back the company, they don't lose the right to sue you or send you to a collection agency for a good or service you received. If the company sues you in court, they may be awarded the chargeback fee in addition to the amount owed in order to cover all damages that you caused them.

How can you mend your credit after a paid collection?

Only the credit bureaus the collection agency can remove a collection from your credit report. The collection agency won't do it now since it is paid and they have no reason to. You can dispute it to the credit bureaus and ask for verification on the account. They will have 30 days to verify the items or it must be removed from your credit report.

How do you find out from a collection agency who sent you to them for collection when you never was notified that you were in collection you discovered it on your credit report?

File a dispute with the credit reporting agency.

How do collection accounts affect your credit score?

== == Collection account are 20% of the total credit score module.

How can a debt collection company know where you work?

Normally by pulling your credit report. Sometimes by speaking to family members and neighbors.