How do you reset Nintendo dogz game?

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You will have to reset your DS or what ever Nintendo system your using.
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How do you reset or erase Nintendo DS games?

This varies from game-to-game. For some games you have to press a complex sequence of buttons, and on others there is an option to do this. Directions for doing this will be in the instruction manual.

How do you reset your Nintendo DS to factory settings?

Reset Factory Settings for Nintendo DS 1. Take the Battery out and wait 45 seconds or longer and thenreinstall the battery. 2. Turn the DS over and remove the small screws holding the batteryaccess cover 3. Remove the battery

How do you reset a Nintendo DS?

You can perform a soft reset on a DS by holding down the L and R buttons then pressing SELECT and START at the same time. Additionally, you can reset a DSi and go back to the home menu by briefly pressing the power button.

How do you reset a Nintendo 64 video game?

Answer . Submerge it completely in a 3 part water/2 part abking soda mixture. Allow it to be submerged completley for about 2 minutes. Take it out after 3 mins at the most (more could be harmful) . Dry it off with a towel, then sprinkle paprika over the top, being careful not to get any on the ( Full Answer )

How do you reset Nintendo DS lites?

Simple, you can't but you can turn it off and then back on by sliding across the power switch, and then changing the settings! Edit: you can also put your battery out of your DS, wait 45 secs, then put it back in. then the DS forgot all the settings, and will start over again with the factor ( Full Answer )

How do you reset the Nintendo dogs game?

When the title screen appears, you need to press and hold a, b, x, y, r, l, select, and start. A message box will pop up if you did it in time. It will ask you several times if you are sure you want to delete your file, so think carefully before you do.

How do you walk your dog on the Game Boy advanced game dogz?

I don't know about dogz 1 but I have dogz 2 and you have to train it to sit, stay, and I am pretty sure, lay down. then your 'mom' tells you you have to go to the vet to get the dog's vacsinations and then you can take the dog for a walk.. Enjoy and happy gaming!

Can Dogz fall in love with hosts on the Dogz 5 PC Game?

I'm afraid not. Petz can only fall in love with other Petz of the same species (Dogz and Dogz, not Catz and Dogz) and on the same hard drive, or wherever the Petz file is saved. . The answer above me is wrong. Dogz can fall in love with Catz but it's extremely hard. Haven't you seen the petz5 cover ( Full Answer )

How do you get babies on Dogz 5 PC game?

You wait until ur dogz arent puppies anymore and you keep a girl and boy dog in the same room. It may take a while but a giant heart will appear saying that those two dogs are going to have puppies.

On the game petz dogz pack why wont my pets breed?

ok heres what you do to get em to. 1. make sure you have a boy and girl. 2. make sure there both grown ups (make them have all 3 hearts by petting them alot). 3.make sure they both spend alot of time together and play in between give em water and food breaks.. 4.just leave them alone and let the ( Full Answer )

How do you reset Nintendogs for Nintendo DS?

you have to press all the buttons so r l x y z a and all the arrow button before the main screen appears a question if you would erase all of you data and just say yes NEW EDIT: press all the X, Y, B, A buttons, the arrow buttons and a screen should come up saying "do you wish to delete" (or someth ( Full Answer )

You want to reset the language for the game your baby girl Nintendo ds cant get the settings screen back its all in french you need English?

what i figured out was that you need to feed bottle to baby till gone, then you can choose options from the house icon, then choose new language. After that you can choose the save option, and delete user profile to reset entire game.. Click settings and click on the globe. That should let you choo ( Full Answer )

How do you get to the adoption center on Nintendo ds petz dogz pack?

first u go out either your front or back door then u have to take one of your pets with you and once u get outside you will have to scroll to the left and there will be a white building with a brown roof click on it this is the adoption center.:)

How do you reset Petz Dogz pack?

You erase the data that is already there in the game by holdingL+X+B+Select all at once when the game is starting and it says "Petz" on the top screen . Sam

How do you reset a Nintendo DSi?

Just tap the power button and it will return you to the DSi Menu. Don't hold it down, or it will turn the system off.

How do you factory reset a Nintendo DSi?

On the Nintendo DSi Menu, use the stylus to select the Settings ("wrench") icon. Select the right arrow to reach the forth page, then select "Format System Memory." Choose this to erase all saved data, and return the system to the state in which it was purchased What data will be erased? ( Full Answer )

How do you reset Nintendo DS language?

What you do is you go to the little icon that shows a picture of a ds on the front menu. it has all the options like that. if it does not have that, you cant change language

How do you put the downloaded breed on dogz 5 in the game?

when you have downloaded the breed, i will be in a file/folder. go to resources/dogz and copy the downloaded breed in the dogz folder. voila! if my answer helped you, please answer the question (its unanswered) where do you get the nightlight in dogz 5?

20 codes for petz dogz game pack?

here r some codes for your game: aptcay lasoon hawaii dr68jj thirst.christ shizzl stinko phicic psworn, delent, swindl, resort, havfun,, funpal, dgzpak, thrill, lardsi, dumbel, edrcfv, petpet, yasmin, oceanw, dgzrck, ilovev

How do reset a Nintendo 64?


How do you play the wild west game on dogz 5?

The prarie dog will draw out a grid in the sand. You play Noughts and Crosses. Drag your dog to wherever you want to draw a cross and compete with the prarie dog. Hope this helps.

How do you get games from Nintendo?

go on after that go to games. pick a game you want and click it. it should say buy it or something. then it will give you a choice on which store to buy from, best buy, target, etc; then click the store you want to buy it from, you cant actually buy FROM nintendo, its just their game ( Full Answer )