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To reset the computer in a car disconnect the negative battery terminal until you her a click ( it will be about 5 mins), then it is done.

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Q: How do you reset a car computer or anti-theft system?
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How do you reset antitheft system on 1995 Lincoln town car?

disactivate the antitheft

How do you reset computer 1992 Corvette?

Sometimes the computer of a car can become messed up. To reset a computer, one must find a car dealership that has the device to reset the computer.

Is there a fuse for anti theft on 1996 Cadillac STS?

your car has a passlock antitheft system. there is a resistance value in your key that sends a signal to you cars computer to start the car. i dont believe there is a fuse

How do you rest the antitheft system on a 2001 Saturn sl1?

i have a 2001 Saturn sl1 and the anti theft system shut down the car. to reset the antitheft system try to start the car. leaving the key in the on possition disconnect the positive battery terminal (red terminal). wait for about ten minutes, with the key still in the on position this whole time, reconnect the terminal on the battery. then get in the car and turn the key to start. this fixed my problem and hopefully it will help you as well.

How do you reset computer for 93 Cutlass Supreme?

Sometimes it is best to reset the computer of a car to help maintain it. To reset a computer a person needs to take their car to a dealership, and ask for the task to be done.

Why are the parking lights flashing and the car won't start after I just replaced the head lamp on my 1994 Ford Probe?

Somehow you set off the antitheft system. In order to reset it you have to unlock the drivers door with the key.

How can i get pass Theft system problems for 96 eldorado so my car can start?

Place the key into the ignition. Turn the key to the auxiliary position, without starting the engine. Keep the key in the auxiliary position for 30 seconds. This should reset your antitheft system.

How to Reset the oil service light FOR 2006 BMW 530I?

I contacted the BMW dealership and they told me that this model year can only be reset with a computer system hooked up to the car.

89 eldorado will not start?

our Cadillac eldorado won't start because of the antitheft sistem. how to disable the system and start the car

Does antitheft have to be reset on 2003 Mits Eclipse?

It depends on what you trying to do. If disconnect battery and reconnect it the immobilizer activates automatically. So you will not be able to start the car with key with chip.

How to computer reset 2001 BMW 740i?

In many cars disconnecting the battery from the car and then reconnecting it after a lengthy period of time 20+ minutes will in many cases reset the computer in the car. However some things in the computer are hard coded so even removing the battery will not reset them. Car service / dealers can usually reset most bits of the car as they have specialist software and computers that they can plug into the car.

How do you reset the computer on a 97 Z24 Cavalier?

unplug the battery for about half an hour and that will reset the car.

2004 silverado will not start Instrument panel shows lock through car symbol What does this mean?

The lock through cars symbol is a indication the antitheft system has disabled the vehicle. The problem could also be a computer malfunction.

How do you reset computer on a 1996 accord after the battery has been disconected?

You do not have to reset the computer. The ECU will take care of itself and there is nothing you have to do but drive the car.

How do you reset your car computer to go 140 mph?

Buy a car that can go 140mph!!!

How do you deactivate the anti theft system for a 1997 Pontiac sunfire?

My car won't. Start no power to the fuel pump because of the antitheft

How do you Reset the on board computer on a club car golf cart if it has no tow switch?

club car golf cart has no tow switch how do i reset the obc

How do you reset the service light on a Saab 9.3?

You have to take out the car's battery to reboot the car's computer.

How do you reset computer in Toyota Camry after battery installation?

Disconnect the battery for a few moments. When it is reconnected, the computer should have reset. if this method is not successful then the car will need to be taken to an authorized dealer to be reset.

How do you reset the ABS on your car?

You have a problem with the ABS system. Get it repaired and the tech will reset the light at this time.

How do you reset the alarm system in a car if it shut down the car?

The easiest way to reset your car alarm system is to remove the car alarm system fuse. You can also remove the positive cable from the battery. In both cases return the component to its original position after 10 seconds.

How do you turn off the antitheft light in a 1997 cavalier?

i change the battery put in new one ,know the antitheft light is on and the car wont start

How do you unlock car engine computer to go through emmisions?

No such thing. If you reset the computer, the emissions testers will see that you've done a reset and that's an automatic fail

How do you reset the computer on a 2002 ford taurus?

To reset the computer on a 2002 Ford Taurus disconnect the negative battery cable. Leave the battery cable disconnected for five to ten minutes. Reconnect the cable and start the car. The computer should be reset.

How do you reset immobilizer on 2009 outback?

The immobilizer is the system that prevents your car from being stolen by including a computer chip in the ignition key. The car will start without this chip but will cease running in a few seconds. Your Subaru dealer is the only one I know of that has equipment to reprogram this system. If it was easily reset there wouldn't be much value to it.