Mercedes-Benz M-Class

How do you reset code on Mercedes-Benz stereo?

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With a scan tool

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How do you find the code for a Saab 9000 stereo?

I reset the code after a dead battery and it was the wrong code, how can I reset it and /or find the corrrect code

How do you reset my 2007 lancer stereo?

how to get the stero code for my 2007 lancer

How do you reset a 2004 Honda Accord car stereo system when Owner's Manual is missing stereo gives error message?

You should have gotten a card that has the anti-theft code when you bought the car. If you dont have the code then you'll have to go to your dealer to have them reset it or provide you the code.

What is the code to reset stereo in a 01 Eclipse GT?

Most of them are different. If you go to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer and show you own the car they will reset it the radio and give you the code

Code for 1995 Acura Legend radio code for 1995 Acura Legend radio?

I have a Acura Integra LS 1995 with an Acura Stereo, I have the Code but I can Not reset it , what are the steps to reset it? please help me ...

What is the lock code for a 2001 Pontiac grand am monsoon radio?

If the stereo has never been reset before, try 000 as the code.

Unlock code for kenwood car stereo kvt-512?

i need master reset for kvt512

How do you reset the security code on a stock stereo?

You have to know the model and year. There are ways. Research the internet and you will find.

How do you reset the stereo 2000 Mitsubishi eclipse after putting in a new battery?

You have to get a code for it. You can get from the internet ir Mitsubishi, but its not free.

Do not know stereo code on 1993 xj6 jaguar how can i reset it if i dont know it?

I had a similar problem when I purchased a second hand stereo for my Jag but the code that was given was wrong. I contacted a car audio firm and they decoded the radio for me at a cost of around

How to reset the code on stereo for Elantra 95 after entering a wrong code?

This information can be found in your owner's manual. Don't have one, get one. Dealer or salvage yard is a source.

Can you reset your factory stereo on your 1992 vw transporter tdi van?

You can reset the factory stereo on a 1992 Volkswagen Transporter TDI van by disconnecting the battery for several seconds. Once you plug the battery back in, the radio will ask for a code. The code is essential in order to gain access to radio functions again. The radio code can be found in the owners manual. If the manual is not available, you can obtain the radio code from a dealership.

How do you unlock the stereo of a 98 cavalier after a battery change?

Any Chevy dealership can provide you with the code needed. Proper instructions on "how to reset the code" can be found in the car's owner's manual.

How do you remove the stereo theft deterrent system on a 1999 Pontiac grand prix gt 3.8?

You can't its part of the stereo. If you remove the radio then you remove the theft detterent. If you mean how do I reset the theft detterent then you will need the reset code. Consult the owners manual or go to a GM dealer.

Looking fo stereo code for 2003 Honda civic?

yes i want the code for the stereo

Acura rsx type-s 2006 stereo code?

Stereo codes are unique to each stereo and you will have to get the serial number from the stereo and call an Acura dealer for the code.

How do you reset a code for 1997 Volvo 960 stereo?

Go to the fuse box at the driver's side and remove the radio fuse for 3 hours then replace.

Code for stereo Honda Odyssey 2001?

Go to the Honda Dealer for the Code. You should remove the stereo before going to the Dealer to save cash on labor. The stereo has a sticker on it that the dealer needs to get the Code. If you cant remove the stereo the dealer may charge up to 100 for labor. Take the stereo to the parts counter for the Code not Service as Service may want to charge for the Code. Hope this helps.

How do you reset radio code 1999 cabrio?

If you are talking about the code you need to unlock your stereo, it's in the owners manuel. If not, you will need to to call the dealership where you got it. Their automotive department should be able to find it for you.

How do you reset the radio code for 2006 Honda CR-V?

Take out the radio and get the VIN and serial number off it. Call Honda and ask them to give you the stereo code providing them with this information.

How do you reset the stereo on 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

See my answer for another duplicate problem here: How do you reset the radio on a 2003 Honda accord -Bryan Mitsubishi stereo has a protection code. If you cut the power you better know the pass code. If you don't only Mitsubishi itself or its affiliates can help you. You might have to pay for it. There is online service which will send you your radio code for $30, but you have to provide the serial number your radio located on the top of radio.

What is Facebook reset code?

facebook reset code

How do you reset a dadio error code on a Honda accord?

I assume you meant radio error code. -be careful- ... the dealer you got the Honda from will have a code you need to type into the stereo to unlock it. I believe you get six attempts?? .. entering in enough incorrect codes your stereo will litterally melt/self-destruct itself. Get this code from the dealer and store it in a safe place. Anytime you change your battery or the stereo gets disconnected you will need to re-enter that code or you'll junk the radio. Hope that helps.

1993 Audi 100 stereo safe codes?

Your safe code for your radio is unique to the vehicle. You can go have it reset at an Audi dealership for $20-40 dollars.

How do you reset a computer on a 1997 z28 camaro?

Disconnect the battery overnight, or for several hours. If you have the stock stereo BE SURE you know the unlock code for the manual.