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You need to call virgin mobile. I don't think you can reset it.

You CAN TRY taking out the battery.


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my samsung mobile is locked by phone password

Yes, the Samsung Intercept is a smartphone.

Samsung Intercept was created in 2010.

There is no sim card on a Samsung Intercept since the Samsung Intercept is only available through Sprint.

No, video chatting is not a feature of the Samsung Intercept.

Bye Putting Ur Dick In Ur Face

The samsung intercept is a sprint phone. so no its not a Verizon phone.

You turn it off, of that didn't work...your best bet is to call your provider.

how to reset chip samsung 4200

To get a signature on the Samsung intercept, you will have to download another messaging app from the android market. Example: handcent sms

You can purchase unlock codes for Samsung intercept from any vendors online like

how to reset samsung GT-E2550

How can I reset my samsung C3222 Phone

To reset the phone lock on the Samsung GT-S8530 you need to do a hard reset. You can also take it into a Samsung dealer to have the phone reset.

You can use the ZTX box to reset a t528g Samsung.

You could try contacting the service number and they will problably fix it. I suggest you never lock it again!!!

How do I reset the Samsung e1105t sim lock number

Yes, it in fact has an accelerometer

How do you hook up a samsung intercept to lcd tv

I forgot my phone password for Samsung E1120. How do I retrieve it or reset it?

If the Samsung TV is not responding after the factory reset, it is important that you take it to an appointed Samsung dealer to look at what the matter is.

To reset the phone lock on the Samsung GT S3370, the whole phone must be reset. Calling the Samsung customer service representative to do a complete reset would also solve the problem.

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samsung sch-b259 reset code namb. plz..........

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